Your Own Little Piece Of The Shard

Published on 25th February 2017
Glass and aluminium structures have been synonymous with innovative, cutting edge architecture since Apropos’ forefather: Vincent Hartley, patented his first aluminium greenhouse design in 1938.

Where Vincent led many followed and today glass and aluminium buildings dominate the skylines of some our world’s most important cities. The strength and weather-resistance of aluminium is what marks it out above all other materials for the construction of these colossal sky scrapers; allowing for more unconventional designs to be realised and boundaries pushed.


2012 saw the final piece of the three hundred and ten metre jigsaw puzzle of glass and aluminium, which is The Shard, finally lifted into place; crowning a building which in itself encapsulates the breathtaking ideas of modern architecture. Apropos, too, has always been closely allied with unique and pioneering architecture; setting the bar across the glass and aluminium market, and creating domestic structures fit to rival any skyscraper. Whether it’s a lean-to conservatory, an orangery or a glass extension Apropos could make owning your own little piece of The Shard a reality; through our modern designs and unique vision.

Each Apropos structure is custom designed to meet the specific requirements of both the client and their property therefore creating distinctive, bespoke designs, from glass and aluminium, which still remain both personal and original.  Apropos’ team of highly experienced designers work closely with clients; translating their vision onto paper and eventually into reality; resulting in a stunning new addition to their home. Apropos also manufacture contemporary features that can be added to a newly created glass and aluminium structure, or used to renovate an existing building; such as:

  •  bi-folding doors;
  • sliding doors;
  • roof lanterns;
  • automatic roof vents; and,
  • roof lights

Apropos offers something for everyone; refusing, like The Shard,  to acknowledge the boundaries of design which is why the resulting structures and buildings of both can only be described as awe inspiring.

To find out more about Apropos’ Architecture In Glass you can request a design consultation today or download our buying guide here. 

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