The Apropos Journey – Your Guide

Published on 8th February 2017
Any form of home renovation can be stressful. But it can also be exciting. At Apropos, we aim to remove the anxiety and amp up the anticipation, making your home improvement experience a pleasurable one, and for this knowledge is key. Your Apropos glass extension adventure takes place in seven stages.



1. Every Apropos journey begins with a brochure. Sixty two glossy pages of inspiring designs (case studies are available online) and jargon-free technical know-how, to stimulate and prepare you for your first design consultation.

 2. A member of our design team will visit you in your home, and working together we will establish what you want and need from your Apropos structure (if you already have architect’s drawings we would be happy to discuss the project’s viability and likely cost). Function, aesthetics, accessibility, maintenance; we will examine every aspect of the design that could impact upon your future enjoyment. That done, the exciting bit begins…

 3. Taking all of your requirements into consideration and combining them with the physical constraints of the plot, our computer design artists will create a number of bespoke plans to suit your space.

 4. The second design consultation is where your plans start to become a reality. With a selection of our designer’s best work before you, you will be able to choose the draft that most appeals, then revise it to suit your needs.

5. Once the final design has been selected we will take care of all planning permission applications, while the Apropos technical team begin their detailed computer-engineered General Arrangement Drawings (also known as GAD), based on a thorough site survey. Our millimetre-perfect measurements ensure that no detail is overlooked; making certain that the finished product is everything that you are hoping for.

6. With the General Arrangement Drawings approved, your bespoke structure can go into production at our in-house factory. Aluminium frames will be custom extruded and polyester powder coated in your chosen colour, glass will be cut to size. Every element of every Apropos glass extension is made in the UK by British craftspeople, boosting the local economy and giving you the peace of mind that comes with home-grown quality.

 7. The final stage in our part of your Apropos journey is, of course, installation. In some cases we will trial build your structure at our facility, to ensure that when it comes to placing the final piece of your glass puzzle there can be no complications. Our highly skilled engineers work with speed and efficiency to minimise disruption while guaranteeing satisfaction.

From order to completion, a simply stunning Apropos glass extension will take an average of six months. You then have a lifetime to enjoy it.

Get in touch to book your design consultation today, or download a brochure here for inspiration and insights.

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