Beat The Housing Hiatus With a Bespoke Conservatory

Published on 18th February 2017
A new, bespoke conservatory could be just the thing for beating the current malaise in the British housing market.

The miserable state of the market, after what looked like a promising boost in sales last year, means many homeowners are once again, opting to say in their current homes and refurbish them, rather than attempt a move. With this mind, some homeowners are looking to extend their properties, and one great way is with the addition of a bespoke conservatory.


A bespoke conservatory is the perfect answer for any homeowner looking to refresh their home, increase their floor space, or wanting a slice of contemporary living. Once installed, you’ll be thrilled with the new layout and look of your home – and the extra space and new aesthetics, will make your old property feel brand new.

Conservatory design has come a long way in recent years; particularly in the affordability of bespoke, made to order, conservatory options like those we manufacture, design and install here at Apropos. Today, you can commission a unique conservatory designed and created to match your exact requirements and needs, for just a little more than it would cost for a poor standard, poorly thought out, ‘off the shelf’, uPVC conservatory design that blights so many of our otherwise beautiful British back gardens. A stunning, contemporary conservatory can be designed to match any requirement, particularly if a homeowner is looking to banish their housing market blues.

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A fabulous, bespoke conservatory, like those designed by Apropos, can provide you with substantial extra floor space that can be used all-year-round, thanks to excellent energy efficiency ratings that allow it to be fully integrated into the original home. This extra space can then be used to fabulous effect to house a new living room, dining room, or even kitchen – and means that the choice to improve, rather than move, is a rather savvy one.

A new, bespoke conservatory will also provide the homeowner with a piece of cool, contemporary architecture that will make them the envy of their neighbours. The sleek, minimalist, aluminium frame of an Apropos glass and aluminium design, combines perfectly with the huge glass panelling to accentuate the internal feeling of light and space, whilst providing the conservatory with modern, external aesthetics.

And for those homeowners still looking for a return of investment once the conservatory has been constructed, experts, such as Location Location Location’s Phil Spencer, believe that a modern conservatory will add between 5-15 per cent to the value of a home.

Quite simply, a new conservatory will bring much joy to a home whilst proving to be a fantastic investment when the time comes to finally move house. And with all that on offer, why move, when you can improve?

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