Alumininum Extensions & Conservatories Are Super Thermal & Energy Efficient

Published on 15th February 2017
Forgive us for spelling it out quite so plainly, but we’ve recently received a wave of enquiries referring to the use of our conservatories all year round. With people across the social stratosphere then going on to debate the finer points of how this is simply not possible. Well, we’re here to tell you – it is. Apropos’ conservatories, extensions and orangeries are super thermal and energy efficient – and that’s official!

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Conforming to the highest regulatory thermal and energy efficiency standards, Apropos’ lean-to conservatories can be enjoyed in the winter months as much the summer months. Apropos’ lean-to conservatories offer one of the best thermal efficiency ratings on the market – with a structural U-value of 1.6 W/m²K and a centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/m²K.

So, what does this mean for the homeowner?

It means that during cold weather, Apropos’ bespoke lean-to conservatories are superb at retaining heat and keeping occupants snug and warm.

We’re happy to admit that this wasn’t always the case with conservatories of old, particularly those built from unreliable uPVC. In winter months these conservatories of old were certain to be extremely chilly places, shut off from the rest of the home with bulky doors. Even in summer, it wasn’t unusual to find them unusable – this time having been heating up beyond any temperature humans can withstand by it’s traditional form of glazing.

However, that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Apropos’ contemporary glass and aluminium extensions, that can be used all-year around for family and social activities.

Apropos’ beautifully bespoke conservatories, extensions and orangeries are a welcoming space for occupants, whatever the weather outside. Our bright and airy spaces can easily transform into cosy places, when winter comes to call, that can be fully-integrated into properties via beautiful archways, with homeowners safe in the knowledge that the lean-to conservatories will retain heat during cold weather and regulate the heat during summer.

So, whilst our bespoke extensions can be used as sunrooms or greenhouses during the summer months – their potential for cool places of relaxation fully exploited with the addition of folding sliding doors and air vents – lean-to conservatories can so easily be used as living rooms, dining rooms or kitchen extensions all-year around, regardless of the weather outside.

Thanks to the cutting-edge design and engineering that Apropos puts into the manufacture of its bespoke glass and aluminium structures, they will easily withstand the poor winter weather. So, whatever the word on the web – we’ve got all the facts and figures you need, to prove that an investment in Apropos is an investment in your home, though rough winds may howl just beyond your conservatory panes.

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