Planning a Kitchen Extension?

Published on 4th January 2017
‘No matter where I serve my guests, they always like my kitchen best.’

Practically every grandma in the country had a sampler, plaque or plate displaying those words at one time. It may seem slightly hackneyed now, but as sayings go it still rings true. The kitchen is the heart of almost every home, so adding a glass extension to increase light, space and entertainment opportunities is one investment that you’ll never regret.

Kitchen Extension by Apropos Conservatories

Elegant, practical and stylish, an Apropos conservatory is one of the most popular means of increasing kitchen space, creating a beautifully framed light and airy canvas for you to make your own. However, before embarking on your glass extension adventure there are a few points you may wish to consider.

The most obvious concern is functionality – will your design offer you everything you need? How many plug sockets do you require? Do you want space for entertaining? How much access would you like to the garden – will patio doors do, or will bi-fold be better? Do you have room for all the features you require?

Next comes practicality – do you have the space to extend as you wish without losing your privacy, or infringing on that of your neighbours; could switch, or frosted glass help on some sides? Will the water and gas inlet/outlet pipes be in the right positions? Which direction will your extension face, and will that impact upon the amount of natural light it receives? Would your build benefit from climate control?

As every single Apropos construction is unique, and we manufacture all of the parts required to complete every project we take on, we have the flexibility to deliver the design you want in the space you have; beautiful, functional, durable. All we need from you is to know what you want from us…

To let us know and get started on your new glass kitchen extension, request a design consultation with your local designer or download our brochure here. 

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