Best Dressed: Conservatory Interiors

Published on 28th January 2017

Wobbly wicker, fading cushions, dusty pot plants and macramé lampshades; there seems to be some sort of mild malfunction in the British brain when it comes to kitting out conservatories. One which leaves us all uniformly sitting in an 80s pastiche – often against our will.

Although the glorious light levels add a different aspect, conservatories, orangeries and other glass extensions are ultimately just another room for you to make your own, so why is it that so few of us do?

When you build from scratch, or replace your down-at-heel structure with something shiny and new from Apropos you are presented with a pristine sheet and we all know that the only thing to do with a blank sheet is to fill it!

For a funky conservatory, brights are most definitely back. To those of us who remember the 80s, when neon socks were très très bonne and rara skirts were all the rage, this news will portend dubious good, but for the modern fashionista lime green, bright orange, electric blue and vibrant pink will add panache to any place, and the conservatory is no exception. Whether used en mass, or as a colour splash accenting a monotone canvas – black metal table adorned with pulsating plates, a neon blue pouffe beside a white sofa – bright colours can make a fun and funky fashion fusion and a conservatory all your own.

Apropos Lewis_24

If softer shades are more your thing, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t fill your sharp exterior with a shabby chic interior – in the Apropos world contrast is king. Whether purchased, or artfully upcycled, the vintage country look is easily achieved and with freecycling very much in vogue, you can do it without a vast expense. With a pot of white paint the world is your art class and anything can be achieved. From rustic tables and reclaimed chairs to gingham cushions and homemade throws, if you round off the room with a hibiscus or two you’ll have a perfect cosy corner, bathed in natural light.

For plant lovers conservatories and orangeries offer a wealth of opportunity; north-facing rooms are ideal for fern-atics, while a south-facing space provides the chance for the Mediterranean dream. Citrus trees will fruit in pots, while herbs will happily bake in the sun; a tiled floor and simple furniture with warmly-toned upholstery can give you your own little holiday home, where only the olives and wine need to be replenished.

Industrial chic offers a more rugged look where the handy upcycler can make a statement; the aluminium frames of Apropos glass extensions lend themselves to that harder edge, where refashioned shopping trolleys, old baths and cleaned up sleepers make for original furniture.

The beauty of Apropos is that we’re never off-the-peg – everything we do is unique, original and only for you, but when we’ve created the canvas you can create the artwork. 

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