What Does Your New Extension Say About You?

Published on 14th December 2016
In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was a truth universally acknowledged that the size of a man’s orangery was directly proportional to the size of his wealth.

His choice of architecture would say to his neighbours ‘Look! Aren’t I rich?’ or ‘Look! Aren’t I clever?’ or occasionally, ‘Please don’t look; I’ve run out of money!’ Some men would use their homes to impose themselves on the landscape with sprawling manors which would straddle two counties, while others would defy gravity, pushing ever-more skywards with gob-smacking feats of architectural endeavour.

Modern kitchen extension interior

From green walls to glass skyscrapers to underground homes of troglodytic-chic; today it seems that we’ve done it all and there’s nothing left to prove. So, if social status is no longer the be-all, we’re interested to know what your Apropos says about you?

Well, spectacular good taste is the first assumption to make; after all, you did buy Apropos! We’d also like to assume that a green ethos shines through, with aluminium being exactly what it is (plentiful, durable, recyclable), but what more could we learn if we looked at your chosen design?

All of our designs are bespoke, which means your glass extension, conservatory or orangery was built just for you, around your needs and requirements and always with the host property style in mind. This means that much like those earlier individual feats of architecture, your new glass extension says a lot more about you than you first thought, but what is it actually saying?

Does an expansive glass frontage denote a transparent personality with nothing to hide? Does switch glass reveal a more private, insular soul? Does an open plan design reflect your warmth and openness with others? And do your skylights suggest you’re a bit of a daydreamer?

Pseudo-psychology is not for everyone and while it might be fun to guess at the motivating forces behind a building, the thing that we’re best at is actually building, from aluminium and glass. Because all Apropos structures are bespoke, whatever your stimulus we will always design to suit you, your space, your needs and your budget.

When it comes down to it, it perhaps no long matters what your home says about you, or what other people say about your home; that you’ll love your Apropos whatever it is, is practically a given. And that is enough for us.

If you’d like to inject your home with a little more,well, you – get in touch with us today or download our inspirational brochure. 

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