10 Ways Windows & Doors Influence Interior Design

Published on 17th December 2016
People tend not to think much about doors and windows, but at Apropos, we believe that they can make the biggest impact in terms of interior design. Here are 10 things to consider if you’re looking for ways to revamp your home.

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  1. Natural light is good for you – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. No matter the design – skylight or patio doors – having a source of natural light in every room should be a priority.
  2. Make an entrance – Bi-fold, patio, Apropfold, or a gloomy chunk of wood; your choice of door makes a big impression. What do your doors say about you?
  3. Frame the view – Who needs artwork when you have a beautiful living landscape to look at? From city lights to rolling fields, make the most of the views you’ve got. Whether one vast glazed curtain wall, or a series of picture windows, by framing the view you can transform the humdrum into the fabulous.
  4. The sky’s the limit – All rooms can feel more spacious when brightened by a window on the sky. Apropos roof lights can enhance any room with exterior access without impinging on privacy or wall space.
  5. Integration – A well-placed folding-sliding door (Apropfold) can really bring the outside in; sliding aside to let you embrace the world, or shutting it out snugly, but keeping the view, when the weather gets too much.
  6. Get what you need – The Apropos design team can help make sure that your windows suit you, as well as your home; working to your sight-line, as well as your design and budget.
  7. Flow – Doors can impact upon the overall feel of a room, influencing light, flooring and use. Frameless Aprofold doors allow for inside and outside flooring to meet seamlessly. Think about using glass doors internally too, for a lighter, airier, cohesive feel.
  8. The privacy factor – Suitable for internal and external use, Apropos Frosted, Satin, UltraWhite Laminated and Switch glass allow natural light entry while protecting your privacy; an ideal choice for bathrooms.
  9. Energy saving – Glass type can seriously impact on the thermal efficiency of your home. Solar Control reduces heat transmission by 65%, which will reduce your energy bills. Saving another type of energy, Pilkington Activ Clear cleans itself – big bonus!
  10. Visual impact – Off-the-peg windows and doors work well for many, but if you mix it up with bespoke shapes and sizes from Apropos you can make a real impact – broad glazed sheets, narrow arrow slits, or circular portholes; the choice is yours.
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