Top Tips to Make a Small Room Seem Bigger.

Published on 30th November 2016
Every home has one; a room that’s just that little bit too small and boxy for convenience, or comfort. With new-build houses in the UK the smallest in Europe, and apparently getting smaller with each new housing development, it’s important to be able to find ways of living with the homes that we have and make the most of the space available to us.

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Ten Tips & Tricks to Help Fool the Eye and Maximise Every Millimetre.

Let there be light – Speak to any interior specialist and they will list lighting as a primary design consideration. Low light fills in corners and makes the walls crowd in; you can’t beat natural light for creating an impression of space. By adding a glazed panel, a patio- or sliding-door, selecting a window frame with finer sightlines, or even swapping your curtains for blinds, you can increase natural light penetration and lift a room’s ambience.

Cool colour – Lighter walls make a lighter room. Selecting pastel shades and steering clear of garish prints and dark tones will make a small space feel bigger. Painting all walls and skirting boards one shade will also create the impression of increased, cohesive space.

Make a statement – One large piece of art will draw the eye, lots of small ones will go unnoticed. One large, comfy sofa will look more at home and less cluttered than a couple of smaller chairs. Make a statement with bold shapes.

Aim high – By drawing the eye upwards, you can make a room feel taller and less oppressive. There are various ways of achieving this; painting or papering the ceiling adds a point of interest; installing an Apropos skylight combines natural light with visual appeal; placing shelves high up not only draws the eye, but maximises potential storage without impacting upon floor space.

Cut the clutter – While knickknacks are often what make a house a home, home style expert Sabrina Soto, says; ‘Decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room.’ So, when picking out objet d’art, opt for a few stand-out pieces, rather than filling your surfaces with lots of little clutterbugs.

Secret storage – Linking to point 5, if you can make your furniture multi-task by picking pieces with secret storage recesses you’ll save space and make a more visually appealing area.

Show some leg – Selecting furniture with legs rather than skirted pieces allows light to travel beneath them. It may only be six inches of space, but it still fools the eye.

Mirror, mirror – Strategically placed mirrors will reflect all light sources.

Be transparent – Glass furniture can be functional without impacting on visual space. Easily overlooked, it becomes almost invisible, helping to reduce a room’s clutter.

Perfectly floored – Plain, light coloured flooring blends in to the background rather than appearing to take up space. Fuss-free should be the small room maxim and flooring is a good place to start.

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