Home Makeovers That Won’t Break The Bank

Published on 23rd November 2016
Everywhere we look we’re bombarded with trends, with every season, in every part of our lives, and with influences coming from every part of the world, yet most of us lack the funds to update our decor on anything like a regular basis. Is it any wonder that we often find ourselves dissatisfied with our lot?

At Apropos we’re firm believers in the adage that a change is as good as rest, but we also think that change needn’t cost a fortune.

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Five Affordable Home Makeover Tips
  • Work with what you’ve got – We all have things that we’ve purchased on impulse and put away for ‘best’; those pretty cushion covers we didn’t want the kids to destroy; that bargain throw, unnecessary, but too good a deal to resist. Before you hit the shops, look through your cupboards – you could get a brand new look without spending a penny.
  • A lick of paint – It’s stating the obvious, but paint is probably the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to change the look of a room. Whether a complete colour change, making a feature wall, doing something creative – ceiling mural, stencils, ‘upcycling’ old furniture – don’t underestimate the power of the paint pot!
  • Small change, big impact – If you want to make a change to the fabric of your home, increasing natural light penetration can be one of the most effective/least disruptive ways forward. A new window, a skylight, or some patio doors can completely transform the aspect of a room. While Apropos minimum commission is £15,000 for that fee, you could brighten every room in your house in different ways, even adding internal glazed panels or Aprofold doors to increase the spread of natural light.
  • We like to move it, move it – How long have you had your television in that corner? How long has your bed faced that direction? When did you decide to put that bookcase there? Simply rearranging the furniture and cutting the clutter can have a big impact on a room, so give it a try before reaching for the creditcard; you may just fall in love again, with the things you already have.
  • Focus – Interior designers will often talk of giving a room a clear point of focus; one impressive piece of art; an over-sized vase with a well-chosen floral arrangement; a colour-blocked bookcase; a well-displayed collection. An eye-catching centrepiece oozes ‘design’ and draws thoughts away from the rest of the room.

Download our buying guide for more inspiration or get in touch today to get started on your home makeover project with our experts. 

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