The Winter Garden: Make It Your Own

Published on 5th November 2016
Winter can seem a forlorn time in the garden. The leaves have fallen; the blooms have faded; brown reigns supreme in the kingdom of colours.

It can be tempting to draw the curtains in October, and keep them that way until March arrives, but there’s more to the winter garden than meets the eye, and if your curtains aren’t quite voluminous enough to cover all your Apropos glazing, why not pop along to the garden centre this weekend and pick up a shrub or two to waken your winter wonderland?


5 plants no winter garden should be without.

Mahonia – With its muted green Holly-like leaves, it’s easy to overlook this plant when summer is in full flush, but ever-green and winter-flowering, the Mahonia has a lot to offer. In November it will send out spikes of bright yellow, honey-scented flower clusters, which will go on to develop purple fruit, keeping birds, bees, and humans happy.

Hellebores – Also known as the Christmas Rose, Hellebores bloom from November to spring, filling the garden with a dusky flush of colour. While the flowers can seem muted, the Hellebore’s foliage is beautifully architectural, so quite in keeping with the Apropos ethos!

Daphne – This bushy, evergreen shrub has glossy dark variegated leaves with pretty pinkish flowers and a scent that you could happily drown in.

Ivy – Although often seen as a weed these days, all gardens should host some ivy; it provides year-round greenery, as well as food and protection for a multitude of insects and birds – wrens are particularly partial – and butterflies will hibernate in it through the coldest months.

Polyanthus, Primula and Pansy – They might be old fashioned and remind you of your granny, but the three Ps are winter stalwarts. Filling in for all the slumbering summer stars, this trio will raise their heads in the harshest of winters, blooming brightly even under the snow.

As Oscar Wilde’s giant found, it is life that brings joy to a garden. Invite in the insects, feed the birds, cater for creatures whose homes aren’t as comfortable as yours, and your winter garden will never seem dull again.

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