10 Ways To Waste An Hour In Your Apropos

Published on 9th November 2016
The autumnal equinox offers little to be excited about; the weather gets colder; the days gets shorter; the nights get darker; and we get… erm… miserabler?

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It does, however bring one little thing that we’ve all come to cherish: about a month after that twelve hour tipping point, where day and night share equal hours, Daylight Saving is introduced, meaning that we all regain the hour we lost last March. ‘Hoorah! An extra hour in bed!’ Is what most of us think, but if you think that sleep is overrated, we have a few other ideas about how you could spend that extra time in your Apropos.

10 Ways to Waste an Hour in Your Apropos (in no particular order).
  1. Bake something frivolous in your Apropos kitchen-diner. Forget about being healthy and eating sensibly for a change; put something disgustingly rich and chocolate-based in the oven. If this hour is an extra hour, the food eaten in it doesn’t count!
  2. Snuggle down in your orangery and take some really informative Facebook quizzes to find out what your favourite colour is, how much you know about flower arranging, what house in Hogwarts you’d be best suited to, and how you died in your previous life.
  3. We hesitate to call this wasting time because reading is never that. Sitting down in your conservatory with a novel in the middle of the day is a rare indulgence, so grab it while you can.
  4. Work out how to get from your favourite seat in your Apropos to the fridge, without touching the floor… Then do it!
  5. Surf the web – If anything was ever created to suck away time into an unknowable vortex, it has to be the internet. Spend a rewarding hour looking at animals in Halloween costumes, kids falling off skateboards and people making ‘dog beards’.
  6. Do the Sunday crossword on your glazed balcony.
  7. Decamp to your Apropos garden room and write a fake Wikipedia entry about yourself; James Jones, the well-known humanitarian, secret love child of Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol, and eighth inline to the Swedish throne (NB, use Sandbox http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Sandbox – we don’t want you getting into trouble with the administrators, Wikipedia is a charity after all).
  8. Reorganise your conservatory furniture, then put it all back.
  9. Annoy your kids. Now, we mean ‘annoy’ in a friendly sort of way; don’t set fire to their stuffed toy collection or anything, just have a bit of fun – raising levels of childish exasperation can be inordinately rewarding, simply because it gives the little bleeders a taste of their own medicine. So walk in front of the television while they’re playing on the X-Box, pull their sleeves insistently and ask questions if they’re on the phone, talk loudly while they’re listening to something, or exclaim ‘I’m boooooorrrrrrrred!’ roughly every five minutes until they leave the room. Try it – it’s fun!
  10. Potter in your Apropos greenhouse whilst planning down to the finest details what you would do if you won the lottery.

    If the only thing you’re lacking this weekend, in order to waste an hour well, is your Apropos extension get in touch today. You can download your free brochure or request a design consultation via the website.

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