Seamless Glazing: A New Vision

Published on 7th September 2016
If you’ve taken a look around our latest product innovation, you’ll already know a little about Apropos Lux, so today we wanted to focus on one Lux product in particular and tell you a little more about what makes the system so special.

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Apropos Lux is a new vision in glazing, bringing you entirely seamless windows, doors, structures and curtain walling to create glazed spaces like never before. As with everything we design here at apropos, the Apropos Lux system is also completely bespoke allowing you to create your dream space, without limitations.

Today, we’d like to focus on our stylish window designs and talk you through the many ways in their stylings and system surpasses anything you may have seen before.

Lumi window chartwell green

Like all of the components in the Apropos Lux range our windows are a ground breaking new product; with bespoke design and customisable finishes and ceramic colour choices. And thanks to their flat, uninterrupted profile Apropos Lux windows create a wall of light and allow uninterrupted views to the outside.

Hidden under their stylish ceramic colours lies the really special part, though – energy efficient triple glazing that has been structurally bonded to an internal core of high strength, glass-fibre reinforced profiles. This intelligent piece of engineering is the first of its kind and brings with it all the design benefits of standard frameless glazing with all the strength, security and internal styling of more traditional windows and doors.

The 50mm triple glazing, used across the Apropos Lux range, is made from 6-4-4 toughened glass, which insulates your home against cold whilst also minimising noise pollution. Flush glazing conceals the glass-fibre double rebate storm-proof frames and offers exceptional U-values and unbeaten weather protection.

Lumi window white top opener

The engineering behind this product is some serious stuff, but we haven’t stopped there. We know you need your windows to be as stylish as you are, so we offer a range of different options and finishes. As one of the only wood or PVC alternatives with an interior finish that can be matched across the trims, window boards and sills, our windows are available in a choice of eleven interior finishes, four of which are convincing and subtle wood grain finishes, and  six ceramic colour choices for the external frames.

Add to that a variety of configurations – eighteen in all – and leave any planning enquiries with us, and you’ve got yourself an entirely new set of modern, cutting edge windows which will change the aspect of your home completely. Giving you lighter, brighter and warmer spaces throughout your home and no doubt setting the neighbours tongues a-wagging.

Get in touch to find out more about Apropos Lux and the window options we offer, or explore more about the new product range here.


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