Glass Keeps Rooms Cosy Come Rain or Shine

Published on 14th September 2016
Bespoke glass extensions that house living rooms will help no end in keeping you cosy and warm during the tough winter months and whether you had the hottest day of the year yesterday, or a storm of epic proportions, we all know that winter won’t be far away.


Investment in an aluminium and glass extension might seem like something reserved solely for summer, but despite this, the addition will still pay off during the colder months – keeping living rooms snug living environments.

One of these major advances is the use of argon gas to fill the gap between the panes of glass in double glazing. Argon gas is perfectly safe to use, and drastically reduces heat loss via your glazed extension, doors and windows, thereby increasing their energy efficiency whilst reducing household bills.

We also offer a range of further specialised glassed which can do everything from cleaning themselves, to reflecting back heat and thus helping your home to retain it

This type of technology means thermal and energy efficiency ratings are maximised, and glass extensions can be used come rain or shine; without the worry of cold drafts during the winter months.

As a result, more and more home owners are creating bespoke glass extensions to house their main living areas; such as the living room itself, kitchen and dining rooms. In particular, bespoke lean-to conservatories create striking and contemporary living rooms; creating a back drop of nature and an atmosphere like no other. The huge panes of glass and the minimal aluminium frame, mean living rooms housed in lean-to conservatories attract light, even during the darkest of days.

Other homeowners are creating fabulous, bespoke orangeries to open plan living and dining spaced within their homes; where all the family can come together to relax. Open plan has been popular for some time now, but with the addition of glazed panelling, bi-folding doors or a glass and aluminium skylight you can really give the open plan spaces in your home an injection of light.

However you choose to incorporate glass into your home, don’t be put off during the colder seasons – when you could even get a much better delivery time whilst everyone else sits it out until summer – get in touch with us today to start planning your dream extension.

If you’re just getting started, why not download our buying guide for more information on all of our products.
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