Kitchen or Conservatory? We’ll take both!

Published on 21st August 2016
Apropos are proud of our modern designs, for modern living which sit equally well alongside period properties as they do more contemporary homes – as is made apparent by the stunning farmhouse  renovation seen here, which included the construction of a beautifully bespoke lean-to conservatory by Apropos.

glass lean-to conservatory

The glass and aluminium lean-to conservatory was erected to the side of the property in order to house a beautiful, new, contemporary kitchen. The aim of the renovation was to bring new life to the rustic farmhouse, by combining a sympathetic renovation of the original property with the modern makeover provided by the lean-to conservatory.

In doing so, the lean-to kitchen extension generously increased the floor space of the property by utilising dead space within its courtyard. Prior to the construction of the lean-to conservatory, the dead space was cleared of all debris, including a small lean-to shelter. Once initial building work was completed the glass and aluminium lean-to conservatory was added, providing room for an elegant new kitchen.

As well as incorporating a new, modern kitchen, the lean-to conservatory boasts electric vents to aid air flow, and aluminium patio doors to allow access to the garden. The brickwork of the original outer wall has been left exposed, creating a gorgeous juxtapose between the old farmhouse and the new lean-to conservatory.

Despite its contemporary feel, the new conservatory perfectly complements the old farmhouse. The clean lines and simple features of the design, helping to accentuate the period feel of the original property itself.

The new lean-to conservatory allows the client to fully enjoy the surrounding countryside, with unrestricted views from the lean-to conservatory to enjoy even on the coldest and dullest of days.

Some homeowners may have chosen an orangery extension over a lean-to conservatory. With their sturdier appearances and more traditional looks, an orangery in this instance may have added better flow to the property. However, the simple fact remains – the resultant lean-to conservatory is gorgeous and allows the client to take in those beautiful countryside views.

Others may also have chosen a different use for the lean-to conservatory, instead of a kitchen. Some may have used the extra space as a dining room or a living room. No doubt, both uses would have suited this lean-to conservatory perfectly; however in choosing to house their kitchen in the lean-to conservatory, the client has made a bold statement about contemporary living.

More and more homeowners are using bespoke, lean-to conservatories to house kitchens, and it makes perfect sense. The kitchen is the epicentre of most homes, and by housing it in a lean-to conservatory they are providing the most popular room in the property with a gorgeous backdrop for modern living.

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