What Is An Orangery?

Published on 15th July 2016
So, last week we wrote a lifestyle piece all about the wonders of the summertime orangery, or any orangery really (they’re a great space for any season) but it appears we may have skipped a step. With many people asking us what an orangery actually is, we thought we’d better explain a little further.

Contemporary Orangery

As you may have seen, we have a large following on Facebook and many people, from skeptics to truth seekers, have been asking us to expand on what the orangery actually is. The skeptics, it seems, are under the impression that the orangery is simply a term adopted by marketers to advertise the conservatory in a new light – but that isn’t the case. The orangery is indeed a structure in its own right – and one that’s been native to British soil for about 500 years.

The orangery, much like its cousin the conservatory, first landed on our shores as an accessory for the rich and wealthy. A brilliant way to show their reach; through the exotic fruits in the case of the orangery, the multicultural plants housed in their conservatories, and the awe inspired by their architects. The conservatory, though, made its move into the domestic market long before the potential for modern orangeries was discovered and enjoyed a fairly simply transition.

The orangery on the other hand, needed some serious regeneration; it’s traditional, frilly facade and ornamental flourishes simply didn’t work alongside modern architecture, and were no longer desired even by those living in period properties (where a modern contrast adds far more character). The orangery therefore, needed an image makeover – and that’s just what it got.

The modern orangery consists of a brick built blue-print which is then adorned with either bi-folding or sliding doors and as many roof lights as you’d like. This design results in a hybrid structure; somewhere between the gloomy brick extension and the bright airy space provided by a conservatory. The orangery, far from being a conservatory in wolfs clothing, offers a structure with all the best bits of a conservatory, without the need for a fully glazed space. This is a compromise which can work perfectly for kitchen/diners, home offices, and open plan spaces; allowing the orangery to shine in its own light, if you will.

Orangeries are some of our very favourite structures – offering what we like to think of as the best of both worlds and merging effortlessly with your property whatever it’s heritage.

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