The Summertime Orangery

Published on 29th June 2016
Summer is obviously the season when all of our products here at Apropos, come into their own. With the summer sun shining down on us, it’s an easy step to thinking about how we can make more of everyone’s favorite season, and every one of our products is perfectly aligned to do so. Today, though, we’re focusing on the modern orangery.


In the past, we’ve talked about how cosy an orangery can become in autumn, what a wonderful refuge they make during the winter months, and how nice a space they make to while away springtime days. But, when it comes to summer – it’s usually the conservatory that gets to sit proudly alongside the warmest season. Modern conservatories make an excellent place to spend your summer; with solar controlled glazing now employed to minimize overheating and regulate temperatures, whatever the weather outside, gone are the days of a sunrooms that become unbearable upon contact with any actual sun.

These days it’s possible to create fully glazed structures, which can be used 365 days of the years, as with any other part of your home. The brilliant thing about the orangery, though, is its hybrid form; giving it the ability to be all things to every man, in every season.

And so we come to summer, or what we call summer here on the British Isles (seriously has anyone seen where the sun went?) when orangeries can be once again used to enhance your home and lifestyle.

The summertime orangery is a beautiful place to be; built in a similar way to the traditional brick extension, but accessorized with bi-folding doors and as many skylights as you please. The summertime orangery offers the perfect place to relax in tranquil surroundings and admire all of the beautiful feats of nature that appear in your garden.

Orangeries also offer a unique solution to the home worker during summer; allowing them to straddle both worlds and make the most of summer, without missing out on vital productivity time. It’s a universal fact, that there is nothing worse than being stuck indoors when the sun is cracking the flags – especially when it’s likely to pack up its bags and leave, the moment you finish up to head outside.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to work on lap top and iPad or any screens in the full glare of the sun – so the conservatory won’t much help you get the best of both worlds. An orangery, however, allows for a merging of home and garden that still offers some shade – and the ability to get stuff done, even as you sun yourself.

Whatever you’re looking for from your new extension; work, rest or play – the orangery is well worth considering; offering a modern compromise, which could well benefit your whole family.

Download our buying guide to find out whether an orangery is right for you or request a design consultation to discuss your plans with our experts.


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