The Increasing Popularity Of The Garden Office

Published on 23rd June 2016
The popularity of contemporary garden offices has never been higher. A recent survey showed that approximately 2,300  garden studios were installed in the UK in the last 12 months, with 59 per cent of those accounting for £21 million worth of contemporary garden offices.


It appears that it is not just plants that grow in garden, businesses are thriving as well – thanks to contemporary garden offices.

A remarkable combination of natural light, sound and thermal insulation; makes Apropos’ contemporary garden offices ideal for business use all-year round. And, with running costs a fraction that of more conventional office space, contemporary garden offices are proving to be an exciting alternative.

While conventional home offices may take up space in a bedroom or extension, and suffer from the distractions of everyday family life, our contemporary garden offices provide delineated working space within walking distance of the family home.

Furthermore, the use of contemporary garden offices as ‘work’ space can span all requirements; from traditional office use to utilisation as an artist’s or photographer’s studio, or beautician’s spa room.

Such is the practical design of Apropos’ customisable, studio range that even the most complex contemporary garden office requirements can be accommodated and structures constructed within 7-10 days.

This stunning range of contemporary garden offices incorporate the latest timber and glass technology; with under-floor heating, folding sliding doors, connection to electricity mains and a hidden drainage system, as well as the further option for a fully functioning kitchen and/or shower unit – meaning the studios are perfect for almost any business use.

Furthermore, with contemporary garden offices enjoying less planning restraint, they offer flexibility for increased floor space that extensions or conservatories don’t have – although it is always advisable to check with your local planning authority before construction.

Our highly-acclaimed studio concept, and its contemporary garden offices, is changing gardens and working practices across the country.

Check out our full range of garden studios here. 
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