Permitted Development: The Examples

Published on 8th June 2016
Permitted Development is a wonderful thing; allowing us to create the extra room space we need in our homes, without the added hassle of a full planning application. This information however, is still unknown by some and can often deter homeowner’s from taking on home improvement projects.

However, provided your intended building project meets the criteria of permitted development law, you can accomplish much more than you thought – without involving your local council. We’ve put together some examples below to help give you a better idea of the type of extension or outbuilding you can create under your permitted development rights.

Cosy Side Extension

0847.dead sapce side extension (2)This terraced property is improved immeasurably by the addition of a clever side extension, which makes fantastic use of a space that would be otherwise unused.

The result is an additional living space that extends the dining area sideways and allows natural light to enter the home. Due to the minimal size of this extension, it is possible (in homes which are neither listed nor situated within a conservation area) to install without the need for planning permission, so you can start enjoying the extra space much sooner!

Cool Kitchen Extension

Cartledge - Professional Images JW (2)This cool kitchen and dining extension runs the entire width of the property – adding an additional ½-1 metre to the length of the lower floor – which is astounding when you consider that this project was undertaken without planning, thanks to the homeowner’s clear knowledge of their permitted development rights. An occupational perk of being an architect, we suspect!

Allowing light to flood into the property via a sloping, glazed roof and create a modern, open-plan new space this extension brings the whole property firmly into the 21st Century.

Contemporary Garden Room

glass aterlier garden studioOur range of contemporary garden studios are a great solution if you want to create additional space, which remains segregated from the main area of your home. Those who work from home, have artisanal hobbies, or simply want a space to hide away from the world; should take a look at the full range.

We’re focusing here on The Vista though, as the style and shape of our original garden studios, means that it very rarely requires planning permission. The Vista can be designed and installed completely under your permitted development rights!

If you’d like to discuss designing an Apropos structure which complies with the rules and regulations of permitted development, get in touch today to discuss your plans with one of our experts. Alternatively you can download the Apropos Buyers Guide here.


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