The Garden Room vs The Conservatory

Published on 12th May 2016
For most people, the conservatory is the only structure which comes to mind when considering a home extension. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the garden, whilst giving a realistic nod to the hit and miss nature of the British summer time. Recently however, we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of garden rooms, also known as garden studios – telling us there is at least one other option that shouldn’t be ignored when looking to make more of your home and garden.

glass aterlier garden studio

Luckily, here at Apropos we also boast a ‘jaw droppingly beautiful’ (as one twitter user recently quoted) range of garden studios and rooms.  Our Apropos Garden Studios can be put to no end of purpose; just like all of Apropos’ architecture in glass, and remain true to the spirit of all we do. The result is a range of innovative, fully customisable spaces, made to suit our customer’s individual needs, using only the best quality materials and our time honoured engineering skills.

So, we’re helping you decide – should choose a garden room or a conservatory?

  • Privacy Please – While conservatories make a wonderful gathering place for the family, they are largely an integrated part of the home, so finding peace and quiet, or place to work there can be difficult. If you need the new space in your home to become a private retreat, you’re much better off with a garden studio.
  • Have It Your Way – Our garden studios are entirely customisable and can be used for practically anything: studio, gym, hobby room, or even a spare bedroom. However, there is no denying that the completely bespoke nature of an Apropos conservatory allows for unlimited possibilities and versatility.
  • Construction Chaos – Even with the best laid plans, renovating an inhabited home will cause disruption. With a conservatory, you’ll likely need to have at least one external wall removed, and although the results will be worth it, the dust, grime and disorder will be noticeable. With a garden room, all of the work will take place externally, which can make the process a lot less intrusive.
  • Location, Location, Location – As with any property there are only a finite number of spaces into which you can extend your living areas. So whether you go for a new garden studio, or a bespoke conservatory room; remember to future proof your plans by being aware of how else the space could be used. Location may also factor largely in your planning application, so be sure to do your research here for either structure by visiting the governments planning portal.
In the end, both conservatories and garden room’s can be wonderful spaces, so if you really can’t decide, and you’ve got the space, what’s to stop you having both?
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