Planning The Perfect Conservatory Extension

Published on 27th April 2016
For homeowners wanting to build bespoke conservatory extensions, there are a number of issues you need to consider before getting your conservatory extension project off the ground:

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Whose design?

It pays to employ professionals to design your conservatory extension, but is it best to go for an independent architect or use the services of an in-house team at a conservatory extensions company?

In-house teams, like that at Apropos, know their conservatory extensions like nobody else, and are aware of what can, and cannot, be achieved when building conservatory extensions. Their expertise means the design process for creating perfect conservatory extensions is much simpler and straightforward for the client.

Nonetheless, some homeowners prefer the services of an architect to design their whole project, who will liaise with the conservatory extensions specialists to manage the entire conservatory extension build. To be absolutely satisfied, homeowners should ensure the architect is RIBA registered and has plenty of experience working with the materials and style you’re after.


Planning can be a challenge, but it is one that can be easily overcome with the right advice. Conservatory extensions don’t necessarily require planning permission, and, depending on the type of conservatory extension being proposed, could be allowed under permitted development. Nonetheless, it is always best to ensure that this is officially verified before construction of any conservatory extensions takes place.

Ordinarily, if permission is required for a conservatory extension, then the local planning department will pass judgement within eight weeks. However, local government cutbacks have meant many local planning departments are now facing severe delays in processing applications for conservatory extensions, meaning the eight-week limit is proving difficult to achieve.

Once again, experts in designing conservatory extensions like Apropos, will be able to handle all planning requirements for clients via their dedicated planning teams; as will RIBA architects, CIAT architectural technologists or RICS surveyors.

Additionally, advice about conservatory extensions can be obtained via the Government’s own Planning Portal or the local planning authority.

Apropos Olsen 42Finance 

Homeowners considering conservatory extensions should consider the overall costs before undertaking any building work. Whilst bespoke glass structure companies like Apropos will provide finance packages for designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing conservatory extensions; preparatory and post-installation building works will also need to be financed, as will any additional internal or external works, such as furnishings or landscaping. Homeowners should consider all these costs before they embark on building conservatory extensions of their dreams.

To find out more about planning your perfect conservatory extension, download our free buying guide and get started!
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