Conservatory Extensions Add Value To Homes

Published on 6th April 2016
With property values on the increase, conservatory extensions are still proving to be a great way to add value to properties of all sizes, and get the edge on your competition.

Traditional Conservatory Interior by Apropos

Bespoke conservatory extensions can increase the value of properties by as much as 15% whilst adding a real sense of contemporary cool living in the process.

Whilst there are a wide variety of styles, it is those conservatory extensions that have a real purpose for their adjoining properties that are proving to be the most highly valued.

Kitchen extensions incorporated into conservatory extensions add the most value. Kitchens are now completely integrated into homes, proving to be the most used room in most properties. They now act as integrated living areas, and when incorporated into conservatory extensions they can look amazing, and prove to be inspiring hubs for family activities.

Lean-to conservatory extensions that allow easier access to gardens also rate highly for increasing house values. Furthermore, conservatory extensions can be enhanced immeasurably if they incorporate folding sliding doors. Folding sliding doors are becoming a must-have component of most bespoke conservatory extensions. Folding sliding doors are fantastic for opening up conservatory extensions, especially during the summer, when they can completely open up a whole width of a property to fine weather.

Another fine way of incorporating conservatory extensions into existing homes, in order to maximise their value, is to use them as dining rooms – particularly if they are integrated into an open plan living arrangement. Conservatory extensions bring magnificent light and space to open plan living, thereby increasing property values significantly. In such an arrangement, their use as dining rooms is inspired.

If open plan living is not desired, a feeling of flow and space can still be created relatively easily with bespoke conservatory extensions. Whilst ‘off the shelf’ conservatories run the risk of looking like add-ons, bespoke conservatory extensions eradicate this risk by being designed more sympathetically towards the original property. With the addition of the same flooring throughout the ground floor of the whole property, and the absence of a door between conservatory extensions and original properties can also enhance the feeling of flow and space between old and new.

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