Homes Are Opened Up By Folding Sliding Doors

Published on 17th March 2016
Up until recently, patio door systems were the door systems of choice for most homes, but that has all changed, thanks to the arrival of affordable folding sliding door systems in the British market. Folding sliding doors are opening up homes like never before, creating amazing living experiences for homeowners who have them installed.

contemporary orangery

Greater flexibility is achieved with folding sliding doors that is not found with patio doors. A pair of patio doors can have both or one door open at a time, whilst a sliding patio door can be opened up by as much as half its length.

In comparison, folding sliding doors can open up a full wall length of a home to the outside elements, allowing a freedom of movement and airflow unmatched by traditional patio doors. And, when required, they can be closed and still allow access via a fixed door within the system.

It is the magical ability of folding sliding doors to mix the interior and exterior elements of the home to create one unique experience that sets them apart. Homeowners with folding sliding doors can effectively enjoy al fresco dining indoors, when the doors are opened to their maximum width. Similarly, living rooms, and other living spaces, can be expanded outside when the doors are open and the sun is shining. As such, folding sliding doors make fabulous additions to dining areas and kitchen extensions.

Modern kitchen extension

Folding sliding doors can also make beautiful focal points in bespoke conservatories or orangeries, to create truly amazing living spaces.

Folding sliding doors can also be fitted flush to the floor – without the need for a cill – to maximise the flow between the indoors and the outdoors, and avoid potentially dangerous trips.

Homes are being opened up by the possibilities of folding sliding doors. Can yours? Get in touch today to find out!
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