Maximising Space in Your Home with a Bespoke Conservatory

Published on 6th February 2016
Conservatories aren’t generally viewed as a home extension, despite them being exactly that. When you think of an extension, a traditional brick box which will make your kitchen a bit bigger usually comes to mind. But it may be more worthwhile than you first think to extend your home with a bespoke conservatory.

bespoke conservatory

Gone are the days of out-of-the-box, white UPVC conservatories, modern conservatories are bespoke to your needs, your style and your home. This means they can come in a size to suit the space you have too. Glass structures which are more substantial than a traditional conservatory are becoming a popular choice for those looking to transform their home. Not only does it provide extra room, it also floods your home with light, bringing the outdoors, in.


Obviously adding a conservatory to your home will add much needed space, however thinking of it in terms of a conservatory is limiting, thinking of it as a glass extension widens the possibilities of what you can do with the space. Many people are choosing glass extensions for their kitchens, offering them a bigger space with beautiful views out to the garden and the ability to open the kitchen straight into their outdoor living space with the addition of folding sliding doors. As you can see from the recent project we completed (pictured) the impact of the structure from both the inside and out is undeniable.


One benefit a conservatory will offer you over a traditional brick extension is light. A glass structure will allow light to flood into your home, not only brightening up the space but making it feel much bigger too. You’ll find many small space living ideas which focus on achieving more light or making a room feel airier, and this can certainly be achieved by adding a glass structure to your home.


Contrary to popular belief a conservatory doesn’t just have to be a garden room which is only useful during the summer months. Modern technologies and the huge variety of styles and designs available mean this really isn’t the case and a conservatory, or conservatory-style structure, can be used as a fully functional room for whatever purpose you desire. It’s becoming increasingly popular to build glass extensions for home offices and studios, as the amount of people who work from home increases. A conservatory provides the perfect ambiance for a working environment and can easily be made to feel detached from the home. On the contrary expanding existing rooms or creating space for growing families is also a popular choice, a children’s playroom with direct access to the garden is a wonderful addition to a family home.

Architectural Freedom

Unlike other extensions, bespoke conservatories come with no standard parts, meaning you will truly get a unique design, tailored and suited only to you. Your extension can be as impactful or as sympathetic to your house as you like and, planning permission dependent, the possibilities are endless – two storey glass structures are not uncommon when extending family homes.

If you’d like to maximise the space in your home with a new bespoke conservatory get in touch with us today or download your free copy of the apropos brochure. 
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