Lean-to Conservatories, the Perfect Space-Saving Solution

Published on 11th February 2016
Having only a small amount of outdoor space can mean a conservatory just isn’t a consideration. Why would you want to eat into the majority of your garden so you can sit in your conservatory and stare at the small patch left behind? Well, it’s time to put those thoughts to bed…

Lean to conservatory

Leaps in design and technology mean that conservatories are now available and affordable in all shapes and sizes, whether you have acres of land or just a few square metres, you can still enjoy the luxury of a conservatory and the extra indoor space it brings.

A lean-to conservatory is exactly what you might expect it to be, a simple rectangular glass structure with a shallow-pitched roof. It’s ideal for small spaces, bungalows or those who are restricted in height.

Lean-to conservatories tend to attract those looking for understated, yet modern elegance. The simple design means it isn’t going to attract masses of attention, yet the sleek straight lines make for a fresh appeal.

With the British weather as unpredictable as it is, the luxury of a garden room is a welcome addition to any home. The ability to feel like you’re outside relaxing in the garden, yet being warm and dry, is a pleasure not to be sniffed at. A large scale conservatory may not be right for you, but a small lean-to conservatory can have just the same atmosphere. There’s also the added benefit that a smaller space is much easier to keep warm for use in the winter too.

Lean-to conservatories are also a great way of adding a few extra metres to an existing room, which can make all the difference. In a small house, a kitchen extension could mean the ability to incorporate a dining area or breakfast bar, giving the family additional space to enjoy each other’s company.

Despite their simplicity and need for little space, a lean-to conservatory has many different uses. Bridging the gap between the indoor and outdoor space in your home, a lean-to extension is perfect if you feel like you could just do with a little extra space. Conservatories of this size, style and footprint generally do not require planning permission (though we must stress there are exceptions, so it’s worthwhile making sure.)Not only are they small, convenient and add to the overall look of your home, they’re straight-forward to add and at low cost too.

One of the biggest benefits of a lean-to conservatory, regardless of how you choose to use the space, is the light it will bring into your home. All homes where conservatories are fitted feel lighter and airier once the structure is complete, but smaller homes see a particular advantage in opening out what was once just a brick wall.

Simple yet effective, the lean to conservatory is a brilliant way to maximise on space in your home. Download our brochure today to find out more. 
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