Improve to Move: Ten Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Published on 27th February 2016
Improving, rather than moving, may no longer be as necessary as it seemed a couple of years ago; with the economy slowly recovering and the housing market back in motion. But, that’s not to say there is no longer any reason to improve or add to your home.


Whether you’re looking to sell your property, and reap as many rewards as you can, or simply wanting to make a savvy investment; upping the value of your home for a move later down the line, we’ve got you covered with Apropos’ run down of the top ten ways you can add value to your home.

Some of our suggestion may be simpler than others so it’s worth considering both how much value you’d like to add to your home, as well as how much hassle you’re willing to endure! For the projects Apropos can aid you with; bespoke conservatories, contemporary orangeries, glazed extensions and glass and aluminium doors, skylights and windows, we’ll take the as much as the strain from you as possible; handling planning applications and designing your new glass and aluminium additions to your exact specifications.

For now though, let’s take a look at the ten best ways to add some value to your property; whether you’re working with Apropos or not.

  1. Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

    By replacing your existing fitted kitchen with new units you can add anywhere from four and ten percent to the overall value of your property. Do your research and find out what’s currently in vogue; but don’t go for anything which will be out of style in the next six months, keep things simple with clean lines and light shades

    You could even go a step further by extending your kitchen; using either a traditional brick extension or a more modern glass and aluminium structure from Apropos, which will give your home character and Grand-Designs-esque appeal. Open plan designs are very much in demand, so if you choose to extend the kitchen, why not consider going completely open plan whilst you’re at it?

  1. Create an Additional Bathroom

    This is not an option open to everyone; there’s no point adding, say, a second bathroom in your one bed terrace, however if you have four or more bedrooms and just the one family bathroom, you can add between five and nine percent in value to your home with an additional bathroom.

    Think carefully about where this would be best placed; would an ensuite make more sense than a second family bathroom? For larger homes, ensure your second bathroom is fitted where most convenient for its users. For smaller homes, perhaps consider adding a downstairs toilet although the value this adds will differ from that quoted above.

  2. Add or Convert a Basement

    Basement conversions have risen in popularity rapidly over the past two years or so; leading to a demand in buyers for this extra space. Get ahead of the crowd by converting your basement this year and you could see an extra boost in the value of your home.

    If your home already boasts a basement, this home improvement is a relatively low cost way to add some extra square footage to your home and a whole new space for your estate agents to sell. However, should you need to create a basement from scratch this does become a much larger job, so be sure to consult an independent property specialist before bringing the builders in to confirm that the spend warrants the return.

  3. Convert the Loft

    The loft is another space in the home which has been widely underutilized up until recent years. But, pound for pound, it’s actually thought that a loft conversion could be one of best way to add value to your home as it could see your property value rise by a whopping fifteen percent.

    It can however, be notoriously difficult to get your converted loft space recognised as an additional room by the local council. So if you had it in mind to create a fourth bedroom from the space, bear in mind that you may not be able to advertise it as such when you come to sell. It’s also worth noting, when converting the loft to add value that an extra bedroom may well need an extra bathroom, dependant on how many already exist in your home, for the reasons noted above.

  4. Extend Your Living Spaces

    It stands to reason that adding more space to your property, will of course add value and a high quality extension can add anywhere up to twelve percent to the value of your home. Beating even the loft conversion, a new extension is therefore well worth considering if you’re looking to add resale value to your property.

    To ensure your new extension reaches the top end of that percentage increase you’ll need to ensure that it is architecturally sound, in keeping with your homes current façade and proportions and of a high quality. Controversially, adding a poor quality extension to your home could actual see the value drop, so do your homework here and only work with builders and companies you trust. To stand out from the crowd, why not consider adding to the square footage of your home with a top quality glass and aluminium extension from Apropos? Not only will you add value to your home this way, but you can also guarantee that buyers will be impressed by your innovative choice of extension.

  5. Incorporate a Conservatory or Orangery

    Conservatories and orangeries are another structure within the home, which has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. At Apropos, we put this down to the wealth of new technologies available on the market and the move away from conservatories and glazed buildings as draughty no-go areas of the home.

    With a modern glass and aluminium conservatory or orangery from Apropos your glazed room will remain warm in winter and cool in summer, thanks to our specialist glazing options and thermal break technology. High quality modern conservatories, such as ours, could add see the value of your property rise by up to five percent, but an Apropos conservatory is so much more than just a garden room and should see this figure go even higher. If you choose to go ahead with Apropos your designer can discuss this in more detail with you and the bespoke nature of our product means that we can provide solutions which will help both yourself and any future buyers get the most out of your property.

  6. Go Green

    By now, most of us are aware of the benefits of going green; whether your selling your house or not, and you probably already have a few concessions to this dotted around your home; energy saving light bulbs, a hoard of recycling bins and possibly even solar panels, but we can always do more!

    Whether you’ve already started down the road to green living, or are only just beginning any improvements you make here will help lower the running costs of your home and thus up its appeal for potential buyers, which in turn could lead to higher bids.

  7. Give The Exterior Some TLC

    When it comes to selling your house, kerb appeal can make or break a winning deal. Give the exterior of your home some TLC and you’ll find it suddenly gains a lot more interest on the market – as well as adding value to your home, if you choose to make the right changes.

    A good quality, aesthetically appealing front door is a must have; with many new options on the market be sure to do your research here and settle on something which will appeal universally, and do its job brilliantly. Painting, protecting and maintaining the outer walls of your home is also important in order to avoid damp and rot and keep your house looking spik and span for any potential buyers. Even if you don’t plan on selling right away remember that kerb appeal doesn’t just apply to houses on the actual market. If your home looks its best, you could well have a few potential buyers long before the ‘for sale’ sign goes up.

  8. Add a Garage or Car Port

    Not only will your motor insurance premium love you for it, but by adding a garage or car port to your home and thus providing off road parking, you could add up to eleven percent in value (and this rises in busy cities and towns prone to theft and vandalism).

    A simple garage can be tackled by the seasoned DIYer or sourced elsewhere at a relatively low cost. Alternatively you could decide to make a statement with a glass and aluminium car port, which will add architectural interest to your home as well as value!

  9. Invest in Modern Glazing

    By increasing the thermal efficiency of your home, you can add a small amount of value, but most importantly – you’ll be giving potential buyers peace of mind. High quality glazing doesn’t need to cost the earth and with modern frameworks such as aluminium available your new windows and doors will be sure to stand up against the very worst of the British weather.

    If you don’t yet plan to sell, modern glazing is still a savvy investment – improving the overall thermal efficiency of your home and lowering your heating costs.

However you decide to add value to your property, it is well worth considering for now or the future. With the UK now building some of the smallest homes in Britain, every square foot counts and if you can offer an additional bathroom, or a bespoke glass and aluminium dining room you’ll leave the neighbours in your dust, when the time is right to sell.

Get in touch with Apropos today or download our online brochure to find out how we can help add value to your home with a bespoke conservatory, contemporary orangery, modern glazing or a striking glass extension.  

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