The Modern Conservatory: Your Room With A View

Published on 28th January 2016
For decades now, ever since the enlightenment got everyone thinking back in the 18th century, the spaces we live, work and relax in have been intrinsically linked to the things we create and the way we live our lives.

The search for a room with a view continues with each generation as we strive to create something new, be someone individual and live a life less travelled by those who went before us. Virginia Woolf posits that in order to truly create one doesn’t just benefit from a room with a view but, in fact, that the having of a room with a view is paramount to one’s ability to create at all.

Contemporary glass extension

Whether you’re attempting to create the evening meal, or looking to rival Woolf herself with your literary ambitions, it is certainly true that having a space to do so is something we all long for. At apropos we are constantly creating and hope, by now, to have learnt a little about the conditions needed; thanks to the input of our clients, our expert engineers and the architects we work alongside.

What strikes us as wonderful in this process of creation, is that we are furnishing our clients with their very own room with a view. A room, or conservatory if you will, all of their own in which to do whatever it is that makes them happy. Our conservatories are the modern room with a view; boasting views that the thinkers of the 18th century could only dream of; wide pane glass panels which frame the entire outdoors, flat roof lights through which to see the sky and huge open plan conservatories with views from every angle. Just imagine what Virginia Woolf could have written from inside an apropos conservatory?

We’ll even kick start your creative brain with our bespoke design service; which allows you to create the modern conservatory you’ve always dreamed off. Perhaps you want to update an uninspiring and abandoned conservatory you no longer love, or add a modern conservatory to your home and gain more space for the whole family? The bespoke nature of our product means that we can provide whatever it is you’re home needs to make it a place you love to be.

Whatever you plan to do with it; create, make plans or just relax under the stars, your room with a view will be around for many years to come offering a space connected to nature but cosy as the rest of your home and available 24/7 for moments of contemplation and creation.

The modern conservatory is no longer just a space in which to spend the few warm days of British summer time, thanks to technological leaps you can now admire the view all year round.

Get in touch with us today to start planning your room with a view or download a brochure today for inspiration.
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