Can I Extend My Conservatory?

Published on 4th December 2015
Like any part of the home, from time to time your conservatory will need a bit of sprucing up. For some this can be fixed with some new pieces of furniture or a few potted plants but for others, a little more imagination is needed.

Old conservatories tend to be draughty conservatories, and draughty conservatories often get relegated to no man’s zones in the home. The same goes for cramped conservatories shut off from the home, those without any real purpose and conservatories or garden rooms which simply aren’t living up to their full potential.

Whilst it is possible to extend a conservatory, usually through the addition of brick pillars or clever framework designs, Apropos would only recommend this course of action if your current glazed room is relatively new and in a good condition. Obviously, for Apropos to tackle the job, and a bespoke company is always the best when it comes to unusual projects such as this, your existing conservatory would need to have been built using aluminium framework. Our structural engineers will be able to access whether or not extending this framework is a task we can safely undertake.

If your conservatory has been there as long as the house, is built using unreliable uPVC framework or does not have the structural components in place to extend Apropos would recommend a replacement instead. Our bespoke service means that we can even incorporate your original design into the new glass and aluminium replacement, if the need for new isn’t based on aesthetics. If a complete make over is what you envisage Apropos can cater for this too and we’ll be able to factor in you, your home and your lifestyle when designing your replacement conservatory.

Updating your conservatory in any way is all about making it a more pleasurable space to inhabit and, in doing so, making the most of your glazed room.

To discuss an update to your current conservatory, call Apropos on 0161 342 8206 or get in touch now to request a design consultation.

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