Adding Value with a Conservatory, Orangery or Glass Extension

Published on 10th December 2015
The housing market is tentatively on the up and many people may be wondering about whether to move or improve in order to take advantage of this rise in property value.

Improving remained in vogue throughout the lull across housing prices and has the added benefit of adding value to the home you own. So why stop now? If all you want from the home you have is a little extra breathing room, less droughts and lower bills or if you’re after a more ambitious grand designs style face lift, then improving is still the way to go. Tread carefully here though, as some improvements can do more good than others and many well-meaning home-owners could inadvertently spend their money with little result.

High quality conservatory, orangery, kitchen and glass extensions, however, are the perfect way to increase your properties value. According to Phil Spencer, Channel 4’s resident property expert, the best two ways you can up the desirability and value of your home is either by converting your loft space or adding a conservatory (and we’re sure he wouldn’t take too much umbrage with us pegging orangeries and glass extensions on the end there too!). Extending your living space in any of these ways could add an estimated four to sixteen per cent to the value of your home. When you also get a beautiful new space in which to enjoy your home and garden it seems like a no-brainer to us!

Of course the quality of your home extension will directly correlate with the potential value added to your home. A bad job could even decrease the price you are likely to get for your home when it does come to selling up. If you go for a high quality bespoke conservatory from Apropos, on the other hand, you’ll have added around 5-8% in value to your property. To give you a better idea, if you spend £5,000-£10,000 on a glass extension, you can expect to get around £10,000-£16,000 back on your final asking price.

If you go a little further and decide to turn your glass extension into a brand new open plan kitchen, then the installation of a new kitchen will add a further 5-8% – bringing the total value added to your home up to around £16. But throwing up any old extension and fitting a dodge kitchen inside is obviously not the way to go here to get the proper value out of your investment. Ensure you think through all of the options before choosing your final design and make the most of experts such as the Apropos designers before signing off your plans.

The property market is a fickle thing and it can be impossible to predict its future trends, but it has always been the case that well-presented houses attain a higher value than those that are down at heel and there is no reason to suspect that that will ever change. So whether you’re moving or improving the added value of a conservatory, orangery or glass extension is something every home-owner should consider.

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