What Is A Conservatory Extension?

Published on 26th November 2015
At Apropos, we specialise in bespoke glass and aluminium structures, but over the years, we’ve come to realise that this doesn’t mean much to your average Mr & Mrs from Oxfordshire. Unless discussing our products with architects and industry insiders, it’s often easier to fall back on descriptors such as conservatories, orangeries and extensions – but, ultimately, these aren’t what we design, build and install for families throughout Britain.

What we are really installing, is exactly what we say we will; a bespoke glass and aluminium structure, but conservatories, orangeries and glass extensions all fall nicely into this category – and allow for far fewer lectures on structural engineering when meeting our clients.

Recently, however, we’ve been thrown a curve ball. The rise in popularity of modern glass extensions and bespoke conservatories has given birth to a brand new structure; the conservatory extension. This hybrid product pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, by extending your home using materials which would usually be associated with the addition of a new conservatory.

The conservatory extension takes things one step further than this though – by changing the way we used glazed spaces within the home. Gone are the days when the conservatory was used only for the occasional summer day or as a space entirely separated from the main home. We now use our glazed spaces in a much more cohesive way within our homes, and by doing so, are able to make use of them year round.

Leaps in glass technology and structural knowledge have played their parts here but, most notably, the human need for natural light and bright, airy spaces appears to be driving this change. With the ability to glaze our homes from top to toe, comes the desire to do so and, in doing so, we are able to take full advantage of the natural light our world provides – upping happiness levels and lowering energy bills.

So what is a conservatory extension? In its purest form, it’s an Apropos glass and aluminium structure of any kind – glazed to perfection and with the mighty strength of aluminium allowing you to design a structure which is right for your family, your needs and your home.

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