How Much Does A Conservatory Cost?

Published on 23rd November 2015
It’s hard to put a price on perfection, and it’s even more difficult to put a price on bespoke. There are many benefits to a bespoke conservatory; it will be designed for your needs exactly, in sympathy with any quirks your host property may present, and once installed will be entirely one of a kind – adding both value and space to your home, but a quick quotation isn’t one of them.

We’re often asked to price up based on size – but even then it’s very difficult to do as we offer so many specialist features and take much more than simple size into consideration upon designing your new bespoke conservatory. However, we thought it would help to put together a rough price guide based on a few structures we’re particularly proud of.

So, if you’re worried that a bespoke conservatory is out of your price range, or just looking for a little more information before inviting one of our designers round, then this is the blog post for you! Bear in mind though, that we now offer interest free finance, and we always keep our Price Promise; which assures you that we won’t be undersold on like for like products.

Smaller Spenders – For just over £20,000 we can help design, manufacture and install an orangery extension similar in size to the one shown below. Orangeries incorporate both brick and glazed elements allowing for a little extra privacy and merging wonderfully on older, period homes and buildings. Our modern orangeries, however, look great with any host property and are the perfect choice if you’re looking to add light and life to your home on a budget.

Middle of the Range  – If you’ve got a little more money to play with, say around £45,000, then a bespoke conservatory, like the one below, or a lean to conservatory, could be the perfect Apropos structure for you. Conservatories maximize on light and space – allowing natural light to flood your entire home and decreasing energy costs as it does so – and our modern aluminium frames and specialized glass make conservatories a year round pleasure.

Glass Galore – If money is no object then why not go for a fully glazed home renovation like the show below, or create a showstopping bespoke extension, orangery or conservatory. Reach to the skies with a double story atrium or treat yourself to one of our customisable Apropos Garden Studios. If money is no object then the sky is your limit – and our glass and aluminium structures your canvas.

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