The She Shed Revolution!

Published on 17th November 2015
We’ve all heard about them, 80% of women want one, and you don’t need to read their minds to know it! The She Shed is the new Man Cave and it’s here to give women everywhere a space to call their own. Entirely, their own! No children’s toys, no household chores, no draws filled with batteries, odd assortments of tools and old leads – and, most importantly, no distractions.

The She Shed is the perfect place for women in business of all kinds to do their thing and it’s proving just as popular with hobbyists, fitness fanatics and relaxation seekers alike. We recently saw a 60% increase in female enquiries and this, along with the growing demand for She Sheds and the rise of women in business, was something that just had to be investigated further.

Apropos offer a range of modern, affordable and adaptable Garden Studios which naturally evolved from the rest of our work, with architecture in glass. There are two garden studio models currently available; Vista and Horizon, along with Perspective; our bespoke option. Both standard models are fully customisable and we offer a range of cladding materials, interior finishes and mix and match colour and texture options.

Initially aimed at a more predominately masculine audience, Hannah Barnes talks about the reason behind the She Shed Survey we conducted, over on We Are The City; a blog aimed at supporting women in business.

What we went on to discover was that in contrast to the Man Cave as a ‘dark’ space – 51% off people were of this opinion – the She Shed brought to mind, for 37% of people, a ‘light room…dedicated to work and relaxation’. These are the perfect conditions for productivity and because of this more and more women are looking to invest in a she shed of their own.

In alignment with the rise of female interest in self-employment and entrepreneurship our survey shows that whilst the Man Cave is most often dedicated to ‘luxury’ time and isolation from work, the She Shed is associated with productivity and creativity. The man cave may have been around longer, but women know exactly what they want, with 56% of women happily ensconced in their She Sheds as opposed to only 35% of men who can boast personal space in the home.

Apropos spoke to some of the women, across various industries, who run their businesses and enjoy their hobbies from She Sheds scattered around the country and found out the main reasons why these women valued their personal space so much. Niamh Barker, needed a “clear line between work and home” for Rachel Smith it was even more imperative she have her own private space “my business was growing and I had confidential information to keep secure.” Jo Smith simply that she has to “walk out the house to enter” her She Shed and everyone agreed that injecting their personal style into the space was key.

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