A History of the Lean To Conservatory

Published on 28th November 2015
The lean to is probably the earliest structure known to man. Watch any episode of Bear Grylls and you’ll no doubt find him ensconced in a lean to crafted from pine branches and possibly the skin of a dead animal or two. Now, leaving aside the dead animals for a moment, what Bear shows us in each of his survival attempts is how versatile and easy the construction of a lean to can be – but also how vital to human survival these simple structures have been.

When man first emerged from his cave to explore the wilderness that was his world, the ability to learn the skills needed to construct their nightly lean to would have meant the difference between life and death. In the modern world, we know longer need this lifeline, although as Bear’s popularity proves, knowledge is key, and thanks to our natural instincts we retain our ancestral ability to knock up a lean to just as well in a remote forest setting as we can in an urban jungle.

Unlike the orangery then, the Lean To Conservatory finds its origins in humble beginnings, and this is perhaps why here at Apropos we have such respect for this style of conservatory. Lean to structures are now used throughout the world for a variety of different purposes but the lean to conservatory is by far our favourite and has become our signature structure throughout the years.

As with the lean to of yesteryear, an Apropos Lean To Conservatory is about as versatile as it gets; working equally well on modern homes as it does on period and listed buildings, creating spaces to house kitchens, diners, living rooms and relaxation spots alike and available, as ever from Apropos, tailor made for you and your home.

A lean to structure of any kind is a nod to the past; a lean to conservatory is a nod to the human ability to evolve and expand on the original ideas of others, in order to shape our world.

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