Should We Extend Our Listed Buildings?

Published on 15th October 2015
Putting your personal stamp on a property is something which comes naturally to us all, we discussed it on the blog last week in How To Make A Space Your Own, but what happens when you purchase a property whose personality is far grander than your own?

Famous comedian Michael McIntyre – despite having one of the biggest personalities in showbiz – ran into exactly this problem when seeking to extend his lavish Edwardian home. The property in question is located in London and is reputed to be completely mortgage free and therefore entirely his own. But the usual adage of doing what one will with one’s own property doesn’t apply to Mr McIntyre’s London mansion – and that’s because of its fine Edwardian heritage.

As a listed property the McIntyre family home is subject to far tighter planning regulations than your average town house – despite their sole ownership of the place – all of which are decided by the local council. You can apply for Listed Building Consent when wishing to extend a listed property, or if you’re working with Apropos we’ll handle this for you, but any additions or alterations must remain in sympathy with the buildings original architectural aesthetic.

Once submitted your application will be open to the public for some time – in order for neighbours and anyone else with a vested interest to put forward their objections. It’s here that Michael McIntyre’s own plans, to extend his listed property, began to cause such controversy with conservationists and local residents alike.

The McIntyre Extension, although dubbed ‘crude and destructive’, was eventually approved by the local council and the extension will be rather more modern than is expected for a listed building.

All this speculation got us thinking – Apropos often works with period and listed properties and we believe that maintaining the integrity of the building is key. But, so too, is the marriage of old and new architectural styles which represent the continuing history of these buildings – not to mention the need to modernise period homes with added light and space. It’s also fair to say that there is more transparency (and not just because they’re made of glass!) in extending a period or listed property with a modern structure because, unlike sympathetic facades, the new addition is obviously just that – new – and the older features of the building retain their integrity as original architecture.

The contrast our modern glass and aluminium structures create alongside homes from all eras is truly striking and through our bespoke designs home owners get to put their own stamp on a property which has seen many people pass through its doors. Apropos is firmly team McIntyre on this one! We’re strong in the believe that we should be able to extend our listed properties, to inject a bit of ourselves into the homes we love and to live on in the history of these magnificent buildings!

If you’re thinking of extending your listed or period property get in touch today to discuss creating a modern masterpiece with Apropos.


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