Windows & Doors – what are your options?

Published on 11th September 2015
Do you remember the days when the biggest decision you had to make when it came to selecting doors for your home was whether you preferred glass or timber?

In the last few years things have come on apace, and although this means that selecting how to fill the apertures of your home is no longer a no-brainer – with windows and doors, duh! But what types of windows and doors? Almost endless options give you a chance not only to make your home your own, but to make it as attractive and functional as possible.

With a whole wide world of options available, we thought that this week we’d give you a rundown of the windows and doors available through Apropos.

Patio doors – Occasionally called ‘French doors,’ patio doors are the most classical design for a glazed entry. Hinged, they can be opened outwards or inwards by design, and are most commonly found on period properties.

Sliding doors – Sliding doors have no hinges, so need no room to open, making them ideal for properties with limited space. The only drawback is that they don’t make full use of the available aperture, but they do let in lots of light.

Bi-fold doors – Also known as folding-sliding doors, bi-fold doors can concertina to open up a space in a desired location. Suitable for internal use as well as external, bi-fold doors make the very best use of an available aperture and can be almost any size.

Skylights – Simply put, a skylight is a window set into a roof. They will either sit flush with the roof – ideal for period properties – or can be raised in the style of a ‘roof lantern’; both allow the maximum influx of natural light from above.

Curtain walling – As you might expect, glazed curtain walling is made from extra toughened (but no less clear) panes of glass, which can be used in the place of bricks and mortar. Glazed curtain walling can bring a very fresh, modern aesthetic to a home.

Sealed unit windows – Usually small and installed at height, sealed unit windows are ideal for bringing natural light in hard to reach places. They are also perfect for the security-conscious.

Hinged Windows – You probably don’t need us to explain, but these are regular windows; the types with hinges, that open out either upwards or sideways, can be latched and are present in almost every house.

Sash windows – Made in the traditional sash style, only with aluminium frames rather than wood, Apropos sash windows are made from movable glass panels which slide vertically.

Dormer Windows – Most often fitted to properties during new build or major renovations. These windows add extra height and a hint of personality to your build. They can also help clear oddly shaped, upper storey rooms of their habitual gloom.

Bespoke Windows – They’ll be whatever you want them to be (within the laws of physics!).

All Apropos doors and windows are created on a bespoke basis, so can be made to fit any aperture in any home. Call our design team to discuss which Apropos doors and windows could be opened up to you: 0800 328 0033.
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