Where’s best to install your Rooflight?

Published on 3rd September 2015
A wonderful source of natural light, rooflights can, in theory, be installed on any roof. However, there are a number of considerations to take into account if you wish to get the best from your investment.

If you’re installing an aluminium rooflight as part of an Apropos home renovation project, your personal designer will advise you on all of the intricacies and hold your hand through the decision-making process. However, if you’re still in the planning stage and not yet ready to pick up the phone and arrange a design consultation, we have a few pointers that should help to set you on your way.

  • What: The type of rooflight you select – flat, lantern, fixed, vented – depends on where you would like it stationed. A lantern skylight is only suitable for a flat roof, for example, while a high-ceilinged room would benefit from automatic venting.
  • Where: Although specialist glass is available to help prevent heat loss and gain, it is worth considering the orientation of your window, to make sure that it doesn’t become a source of future problems. South-facing rooflights have been shown to reduce winter heating and summer lighting costs in cooler climates. A north-facing rooflight could help to cool a room down.
  • Why: As well as considering structural matters, it pays to think about why you want your aluminium rooflight and how you use the room you’re installing it in. A rooflight over a bed, for example, may seem like a wonderful idea, but you may not enjoy waking up with the 3am dawn in summer and a blackout blind could ruin your dreamed-for aesthetic. In a kitchen, on the other hand, a rooflight could work equally well placed over a dark corner or much-used work surface, saving you electricity throughout the year.
  • How (will it affect your property):  Think about external visual impact. While a lantern-style rooflight is generally made to be seen, creating an attractive finish for a home, on period properties – especially listed buildings – it can be important that roof lights do not detract from the original design, so must not be visible from the outside.  Before setting your heart on a new aluminium rooflight, it pays to check your local building requirements, just to be certain that your plans don’t turn out to be pie-in-the-skylight… Which would actually be quite messy!
  • Who: DIY rooflight installation is possible, but mistakes are easily made and expensive to correct, so give us a call and you’ll know you’re in safe hands!
If you’d like to discuss a potential glazing project with Apropos, please call our design team on 0800 328 0033, or request a brochure here.  
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