Waiting to win the lottery…and other reasons your home hasn’t reached its full potential.

Published on 25th September 2015
Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow and hope that someone else will do for you in the mean time? It’s a sound philosophy but every philosophy has its limitations and there are certain things that no one else is ever going to do for you. Fixing all of the problems, irritations and shortcomings in your home is one of them.

Your chance of winning the UK National Lottery is roughly 1 in 13,983,816, assuming you regularly buy a ticket. Yet for many people it’s the dream of that wished-for windfall that prevents them from saving their pennies and perfecting their home the practical way. You don’t need millions to modernise! A good idea, a sensible budget and a reputable company – like Apropos – could give you all you need.

Although we’re loth to admit it (and so we should be!), the dream of inheritance also stays many a home improvement hand. While we care deeply for great Uncle Bert, we can’t help shooting sidelong glances at his clogs, wondering when they’re going to pop! The good news is that life expectancy in the UK is steadily increasing, so that seventy is the new fifty and before long hitting one hundred will be nothing of note. The bad news is that care fees are on the up, and in living longer, our relatives have more time to enjoy their hard-earned cash, meaning that the reading of the will may be heart-breaking in ways that you’ve not yet foreseen! Arranging a finance agreement with a glass architecture company, like Apropos, is likely a faster path to that orangery you’ve always wanted.

Short-term thinking is another enemy of home improvement. For many people who are unhappy with their current abode, viewing it as a temporary measure works as a small coping mechanism… After 25 temporary years though, it might after all be time to break out the paintbrushes! Regardless how long you plan to stay in any house, it’s not a bad idea to make it as comfortable as possible. By increasing storage, landscaping the garden, or adding a glazed extension, you’ll not only give yourself a more comfortable and happier home, but you’ll also increase the property’s value, giving yourself a chance to get things right whenever you do eventually move on.

Sometimes it’s all about the money, money, money. Extending a home isn’t cheap, but cutting corners can be expensive too. If your windows and doors aren’t thermally efficient, you’re effectively throwing your money away. In a few short years you could waste as much cash on excessive heating bills as it would cost to replace the glazing in your home with high quality energy-saving glass in smart thermally efficient frames (from Apropos, of course!), which would make you more comfortable and your home more desirable.

On reflection, procrastination might not always be such a good thing, so perhaps it’s time to draw up a rota for emptying the bin in the staff room… We’re a bit busy today, but we’re sure someone will get around to it soon!

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