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Published on 9th September 2015
This year, it seems, glass architecture is on the rise. We don’t mean that it’s growing in popularity – it’s always been popular! – more that it’s reaching new heights. Until relatively recently, if a glazed extension was mentioned, most people would think of a conservatory, but there’s a new trend in town, taking glass architecture to a higher level.

Double-height glass extensions, most commonly atria, are most often found in commercial properties, but you might be surprised how successfully they can work in the home. The Jenkins’ property is among our all-time favourite Apropos projects: the brief was to design and build a bespoke atrium that would provide a light-filled link between two wings of a new build property. The result, as you can see, is a stunning and spacious structure which complements and unites the disparate parts of an already attractive building, drawing natural light into the very heart of the home. It’s a design that would obviously not suit all houses, but the beauty of Apropos structures is that they’re all bespoke; as each constituent of every build is made specifically for individual customers, you’re not restricted to ‘off the peg’ designs, so we can help you find the perfect double-height extension for your needs, and your home.

Another example that we’re particularly proud of is the Attard-Manche property, for which we won the prize of best London Extension from Houzz. At first glance, it’s a slightly surprising structure, which confuses the eye; is it an atrium? A tall conservatory? Two conservatories stacked together?? It’s actually a very small kitchen extension, with glazed roof and folding-sliding doors, which allow a seamless transition into the garden. The illusion comes from the second storey, into which a second small extension has been inserted, supported by the aluminium frame below, this time with picture windows, patio doors and a small lip of glazed roofing. Externally, the result is eye-catching and unique; internally, the Attard-Manche family gain all the health, lifestyle and aesthetic benefits of a wealth of natural light; something not many London properties can boast.

Thanks to the superb strength, flexibility and durability of aluminium, double-height glazed extensions are now a feasible option for the domestic market. They can add a huge amount to the value of your home – anywhere up to 25%, depending on the size and quality of the structure – but perhaps more importantly, they can also add a huge amount to your quality of life. With extra day light comes extra benefits: improved mood; enhanced vitamin D absorption; increased concentration and productivity levels; better air quality, as natural light helps to reduce the formation of mould; and quite simply, a pleasanter environment in which to live.

Double storey glazed extensions can bring benefits to almost any property. If you’d like more information, or to discuss how Apropos could help improve your home, please call our design team: 0800 328 0033. 
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