Looking Glass: Extensions that reflect you

Published on 23rd September 2015

It’s commonly held that many dogs resemble their owners. And somewhat surprisingly, psychologists have revealed that far from being just a bit of fun, this is one maxim that actually holds some truth. It’s not through a mere quirk of fate however, that a roundish jowly man might befriend a Boxer, or that an ageing hippie might favour an Afghan with a fetchingly familiar coiffure; as humans we’re drawn to the recognisable; we like what we know and we’re subconsciously attracted to things that remind us of ourselves.

In a way it could seem like a form of narcissism, but we really can’t help it; we were born that way. It’s a similar inclination that induces us to make our homes our own; we have an innate need not just to feel safe, but to mark our territories… Luckily, unlike practically every other animal, this doesn’t involve urinating! Instead, we use architecture and interior design to make our mark – thank goodness for evolution, eh?

Extending a property is a very personal project; although, ostensibly, it’s just about increasing the space that a home has to offer, in reality all sorts of individual considerations come into play, which is why it can feel so stressful. Because all Apropos structures are entirely bespoke – we make every component that goes into our glass architecture ourselves, as required, so we’re not restricted by standardised industry sizes and shapes – we’re able to create glazed extensions that fully reflect our customer’s needs, wants and personalities.

A conservatory might appear to be little more than a glass box, but its shape can determine the way in which it is used. Its doors can determine the degree of both comfort and convenience the space imparts. The design of a conservatory impacts upon the way that the new room integrates with the rest of the house. The type of glass used in a conservatory’s construction makes a dramatic difference to both the energy bills of a property and the practicability of using the space to its maximum potential, all year round. Last, but by no means least, the aesthetic of the overall design can determine how much pleasure a conservatory can bring to you: if you’ve ever experienced that niggle of discontent of living with a room who’s décor leaves you cold, you can probably imagine the deep-seated dissatisfaction of having paid for an extension that you don’t really love and you can’t really change, because it’s made out of cheap-looking uPVC and glass, or heaven-forbid, corrugated plastic.

The same premise can be applied to an orangery, atrium, kitchen extension, veranda, or even a balcony.

Apropos frames are made from strong, durable aluminium, which means that we can achieve slimmer sightlines than our competitors who work with wood or uPVC, making our structures at lot less obtrusive. We offer polyester powder coating, so you can choose a shade of frame to suit your particular style. Most importantly of all, our design consultants have all mastered the skill of listening, so our designs will always reflect exactly what you want.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s house is fairest of them all?’

‘Yours, my dear… Or, at least, it could be…’

Call Apropos on 0800 328 0033 to see if we could help to make your home a reflection of you. 

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