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Published on 17th September 2015
There was a time when lean-to conservatories were considered to be rather a poor-man’s orangery. They provided a perfectly practical space, but they lacked the grandeur of the great estates and were therefore looked down upon.

Even when conservatories became relatively common, people still eschewed the lean-to design in favour of something more ornate. Today it’s time to set the record straight – at Apropos we’re fans of all kinds of conservatories, in fact we’re partial to all glazed rooms and extensions, but here we want to champion the lean-to in all its glory.

So what exactly is a lean-to conservatory? One of the most traditional types of affordable conservatories, the lean-to is generally square or rectangular in shape, with a flat, angled roof sloping downwards on a traditional structure, or pointing upwards for the reverse lean-to conservatory. By doing away with unnecessary joining walls, the lean-to makes the best possible use of available space, saving on money and materials. Being designed to allow maximum light penetration, the lean-to is often known as a sunroom.

Despite the mention of the ‘traditional’ design, lean-to conservatories have plenty of scope for bespoke design and function, which is Apropos’ speciality. Apropos lean-tos can be created to suit the exact height of the windows of your home, making sure that it brings only benefits. The structure can take the more time-honoured conservatory style, with a fully glazed front and sides made strong with polyester powder coated aluminium frames, which deliver the finest sightlines available. Alternatively, the lean-to design can incorporate a dwarf wall, or if you prefer, solid brick sides, bringing more of an orangery-esque feel. Either way, the space will be flooded with natural light, bringing an open and airy quality to your home.

Because we tailor-make all the components for Apropos glazed extensions in-house, there are very few restrictions (within the realm of physics!) to what we can achieve with your design, so your lean-to conservatory should be exactly as you wish. We use only the finest materials and employ the very latest – and best – techniques, so Apropos lean-to conservatories are durable, thermally efficient and low maintenance, meaning that once you’ve faced the initial expense you’re unlikely to face any more.

Practical and elegant, the lean-to conservatory (and the reverse lean-to, which is best suited to bungalows, or properties with dorma windows) can enhance any home, providing additional functional space and letting the light shine through, so you can enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

If you fancy adding a lean to conservatory to your home get in touch with Apropos today or request a design consultation. 
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