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Published on 12th August 2015
If you have a relatively traditional house – a two-bed semi, for example – this article may well not be for you, and you might find more of interest here, in a piece about home extensions. However, with more and more people creating homes from outbuildings and barns, or maximising the potential of the space available to them by converting disused garages into offices, ‘granny flats’ and guest bedrooms, there’s a good chance that this might be of relevance.

Converting old buildings can be the perfect way of creating your dream home, but it does come with one significant stumbling block – cohesiveness. Finding a way to bring all the disparate parts of a plot together is key to the success of the venture. An Apropos glazed linkway could provide the perfect solution.

Glazed linkways can be as big or as small as you need them to be: spanning little more than a hand to allow the convenient transition between an old barn and a new structure created beside it; or several metres long to join a collection of old out buildings, as in the Kirmond Project[E1] , or link a to a converted office, as demonstrated by the Pipers. Whatever their form and size, glazed linkways can be infinitely useful.

Firstly, and most obviously, linkways provide protection, allowing you to move through the different parts of your home without venturing out into the weather, which is particularly useful at night, and for those with small children. Also of use for those with children, is that sound can travel more easily in an interconnected home, so keeping track of the kids becomes less stressful.

Then you have the increased functionality of the space; a large linkway can double up as an additional room; a conservatory; dining room; office; or greenhouse; whatever takes your fancy.

Linkways can also help to resolve thorny construction issues – if, for example, you wish to extend your home but don’t wish to cut down the beautiful old oak in the middle of your garden, you can create the extension a little further away from the house and join the two buildings with a beautiful glass tunnel. The same applies if you wish to extend on split-level ground.

Finally, we have the aesthetic. While linkways don’t need to be glazed, the glass structures are a lot more visually appealing; yes, they let light into the building, but they also allow light to pass through, preventing your outside areas from feeling unexpectedly cramped or hemmed in.

Apropos bespoke glazed linkways can help bring all manner of homes together. Call us today to discuss how we can help you to stay connected: 0800 328 0033.



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