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Published on 6th August 2015
Now, before we begin here, you must just understand that when we planned this article we were under the foolish misapprehension that summer might actually be sunny. Flaming June wasn’t supposed to turn into ‘flaming wet July’, and back in March all of the newspapers were running near-hysterical headlines about the predicted hottest summer on record, so when we drew up our article planner this one seemed like a fairly safe bet.

Alas, things don’t always go as planned and the jet stream has foiled us all. Still, we’re optimists here at Apropos, and there’s still a month of meteorological summer left (not to mention the potential of an Indian summer later on), so we’re going to go with it, and make plans to embrace our gardens, on the off-chance that there may be blue skies ahead.

Here, we all use our gardens for different purposes; some us simply like to sunbathe; others grow veg. One of us is a dedicated pteridologist and likes nothing more than spending time tending to her collection of ferns. For a couple of us, the garden is all about summer entertaining. While we all have our different ways of spending sunny garden days, we’re all in agreement about one thing: our gardens are a treasured extra ‘room’ of our various houses, and we all, in our way, make the most of them.

While there’s no way to entirely weather-proof a garden without changing its inherent nature, there are ways to make the space more accessible year round, whatever you want to use it for. The first of those is the construction of a veranda. Apropos glazed verandas are bespoke, so they can be made to fit in almost any situation, and whether a simple glass canopy to keep the rain off, or a closed-sided structure, which will also protect against wind, they are elegantly unobtrusive, allowing you a sheltered outdoor area in which to read a book, repot your plants or set up your barbeque when a storm’s heading in.

If your veranda shelters a set of bi-fold doors, you have the added benefit of increased accessibility. You can open up an area of your house and allow the fresh air to flood through, without worrying about the rain blowing inside, and because the floor will be level on either side of the doors, with no thick frame to trip you up, it’s an easy matter to relocate a gathering.

Verandas are also great for the green-fingered, providing a handy spot for a potting bench, and winter shelter for semi-tender specimens, but if you really want to grow for it all year round, an Apropos greenhouse could be the better bet. As well as being indisputably functional spaces, Apropos bespoke greenhouses can be architecturally beautiful, providing a structure that will adorn your garden while giving you room to work.

Maximising the potential of your garden, is as personal a task as maximising the potential of your home. Whatever your preferences, we hope that you won’t let the weather deter you from getting out and enjoying all that your garden has to offer for what’s left of the Great British Summertime.

Get in touch with Apropos today and request a free, no obligation, design consultation to make the most of your summer.
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