Beautiful Balconies.

Published on 3rd August 2015
But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

–          William Shakespeare

Ah, who doesn’t love the balcony scene, where that fickle young fop, Romeo, transfers his attentions from the fair Rosaline to sweet Juliet? If we’re honest, Romeo has never quite cut the mustard for us; a callow youth who resettles his affections with little more thought than a butterfly flitting between flowers; in our view, Juliet would have been better off without him. For us, it’s the balcony that’s the real star of the scene!

Separating lovers with a matronly air, while allowing little flirtatious glances, and eventually displacing all obstacles, Shakespeare’s balcony is the master of romance. It throws up hindrances that needs must be overcome, heightening the drama, while setting a glorious tableau for the spectacle to be acted upon.

Balconies are often overlooked in architecture these days. They play their part in blocks of flats, largely as a place to dry washing, their original romantic connotations all overwhelmed with mismatched socks and greying undies. At Apropos we think that it’s time that the balcony regained its beauty, and its place in British home design.

The benefit of the balcony is that it brings additional room to a house, without encroaching on garden space; and what you use that room for is up to you. Yes, you can use it to hang out your laundry, but we’d recommend the function of a summer breakfast room, a secret garden, a sunbathing zone, reading room or relaxation area.

Made from strong, reliable aluminium and shatter-proof glass, your new balcony could extend your upper storey without occluding your view, and with a set of bi-fold doors leading out you’ll gain the added benefit of brightening your bedrooms and bringing in fresh air.

Like everything else we do, Apropos glazed balconies are bespoke; designed and made especially for you, so that you, realistically, will be able to appropriate old Willy’s words and say of your beautiful new glazed balcony:

The all-seeing sun
ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.


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