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Published on 18th July 2015
Imagine yourself back a week or so, in the last days of June and the first days of July. Temperatures have risen to 30 degrees Celsius for the first time this year; humidity has peaked at 85 per cent, which is around the average stickiness rating of Singapore; you feel languid and slightly stifled inside and yet you’ve things to do, so lounging in the sun just isn’t an option.
What’s the solution?

You slide back your Apropos bi-fold doors and let your home breathe.

We’re a funny bunch, the British. We wait all year for these few short months of summer, craving the heat like a snake coming out of hibernation, but when it gets here we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Our homes aren’t built for summer; they’re designed for cold, dark winters and drizzly rain, so when temperatures creep upwards we feel suffocated and oppressed as the air seems to solidify and everyday life continues to make demands.

Most of us deal with it, grumpily, waiting for the weekend and suffering in something less than silence through clammy nights and sweltering days. The clever homeowner however, does something about it. Open plan living doesn’t just mean knocking through the kitchen wall so you can watch the kids as you cook dinner; it’s about finding a holistic approach to life; bringing the family together; opening up your home; and finding ways to live that make you feel happier and healthier; and that includes bringing the outdoors in.

It’s no secret that natural light is good for us, and ever since we were very little children we’ve listened to adults extolling the virtues of getting out and ‘enjoying the fresh air’. It makes sense then, to bring both into our homes as much as we can during the warmer months.

With Apropos bi-fold doors and glass architecture you can open up one side of your home to let fresh air circulate, flowing out to windows and skylights elsewhere. Even when the doors are closed, natural light will flood in, but thanks to the high quality coatings we use on our glazing, the temperature will be regulated, preventing overheating in summer and uncomfortable chilling in winter. Because the doors are frameless, your flooring can seamlessly merge, helping to fool the eye into increasing your living space.

Summer is the highlight of the year for most of us; we shouldn’t waste time bemoaning it. Help your house work for you next summer – call the Apropos design team to discuss how we could help make your home happier, healthier and more comfortable, all year round: 0800 328 0033.
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