How to Clean Your Roof Light

Published on 16th July 2015
It’s not easy being a roof light. You spend your life doing your best to spread a bit of daylight happiness into human’s closed little rooms and in return you get rained on, snowed on, leaves and sap get dropped on you, mildew forms around your unwashed edges, and as for the birds… It makes you blush to think what they do to you… Or it would, if you weren’t made of glass!

It’s probably due to the nature of the product, but very few of us ever think about cleaning our skylights. Although it can be a little awkward, it’s actually a really good idea to do so, to help protect the glass from damage and to check for any problems with the frame, as well as to improve the quality of light that comes into your home. They’re in a tricky place though, so it takes a little forethought.

How to Clean Your Roof Light
  1. Start with the interior. Move any furniture from beneath the opening and lay a plastic ground sheet down to catch any spills. Dust first, to get any cobwebs, then use a squeegee and warm soapy water to gently clean the glass. Dry off with a soft cloth.
  2. Now the exterior. Make sure that the window is properly closed. For safety’s sake a dedicated roof ladder is recommended. Please remember never to put any weight on the glass of the skylight.
  3. Take a bucket with dishwashing liquid and sponge up onto the roof. When up there, use a hosepipe to fill the bucket. Clean the glass and frame, and rinse thoroughly.
  4. Check the frame for any damage (this is highly unlikely with an Apropos aluminium-framed roof light, but it does pay to check).
  5. If your roof light does not feature specialist coated glasses, you can lightly wax the exterior (car wax is ideal) to help protect against environmental damage and stop rain from spotting.

If that all seems like too much effort, you can ask Apropos to install Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glass in your skylight. This way, the exterior takes care of itself, so you need only wipe down the interior every six months. Job done!

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