10 Ways to Save When You Extend

Published on 3rd July 2015
Extending your home is always going to be an expensive business, but there’s no reason to spend money when you don’t have to. Here’s how to cut costs without cutting corners or making uncomfortable compromises.

10 Ways to Save When You Extend
  1. Plan – A well-planned project will always be more cost-effective than one carried out on the hoof.
  2. Good Design – Working with an architect or respected design company, such as Apropos, will limit the opportunity for ‘nasty surprises’.
  3. Asset Management – Work with the features of your property, not against them. It’s important that you get the extension you want, but digging foundations into solid rock when you have topsoil and clay a few feet away really isn’t sensible.
  4. Planning Permission – It always pays to research, but planning permission is not required for every home extension. A conservatory, for example, can usually be erected without the planning palaver. This can save you £150+ in fees. Apropos can guide you through the process.
  5. Building Regs – All home renovations MUST comply with current building regulations, so keep this in mind from the start. Corner-cutting is a no-go, for yours and other’s safety. A reputable designer, such as Apropos, will help with this.
  6. Bob the Builder – Can he fix it? Taking the time to interview your contractors can save you a surprising amount of time and money. By selecting an experienced builder who will happily problem solve you’ll avoid wasted time and the awkward headaches.
  7. Neighbours – Everybody needs good ones, especially when carrying out building works. Disgruntled neighbours can cost you time, money, and stress, blocking access, making complaints and hindering plans. Happy neighbours may actually be able to save you money, if their soft landscaping can be tweaked to enable shallower foundations.
  8. Financial Planning – Keep track of your money, and keep it earning interest for you for as long as possible before making payments. A 0% credit card could be your best friend.
  9. *Special* Offers – Don’t be swayed into panic-buying through limited-time sales. The vast majority will turn out to be one of a series of rolling sales, so take your time and shop around for the best offer.
  10. Add Value – Finally, this won’t save you money, but it will bring it in whenever you sell. Select an extension that will offer wide appeal and add value to your property. An Apropos bespoke conservatory, orangery or kitchen extension can add 10% to the value of your home, which is considerably more than it will cost you.
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