Top Lighting Tricks for Your Conservatory

Published on 13th June 2015
At Apropos we often talk about conservatories – and our other glazed extensions – in terms of their wonderful ability to make the most of natural light. There is, of course, one slight problem with this – what do you do at night? Additional lighting is essential if you wish to make the most of your beautiful glass room, but there are a few things that need to be considered if you want your conservatory to shine, without being blinded by the light.

  • The first point of reflection is just that – while conservatories can, and should, be used as a fully integrated part of the home, it pays to keep in mind that glass is a reflective surface, so you might not enjoy basking in the reflected glory! Unless you need a super-bright space, consider reducing the wattage or the number of lamps you would usually use.
  • Privacy – It’s a commonly held tenet that people in glass houses shouldn’t walk around naked… Unless they want to entertain the neighbours. During the day an unlit conservatory doesn’t advertise its contents, but with lights shining out at night a conservatory can become a beacon. Lower light levels and strategically placed lights and furnishings can help to reduce the impact, but you may also want to consider installing curtains, screens, or incorporating Switch Glass into your conservatory, to baffle prying eyes.
As for the lighting itself, a whole world of wonders awaits you!
  • Fairy Lights bring a magical sparkle. When used in profusion they can create a wonderfully atmospheric space which brings a comfortable, cosy aspect to a room without drawing outside eyes.
  • Uplights can either be inlaid in the floor, or wall-mounted for a subtly soft glow.
  • Chandeliers can bring some fabulous bling to any room and conservatories are no exception. If you’re using the space as a dining room, a low-hung chandelier has a real wow-factor, intimate but showy.
  • Wall-mounted Wire Lights are really useful if you want to highlight key features of a conservatory without illuminating the lot.
  • Integrated Spotlights have been fashionable for some time, particularly where lots of light is required. In a conservatory they can work exceptionally well when recessed into the beams of the glass ceiling.
  • Lamps and Candles are the easiest means of controlling your mood lighting; having more than one lantern allows you to make the room as bright or cosy as you need at any time.

Conservatory lighting is really down to personal choice, but it is worth discussing options with your Apropos designer before construction to make sure that you get what’s right for you.

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