The Benefits of Installing a Skylight.

Published on 17th June 2015
Have you ever considered installing a skylight? When it comes to home improvements, the skylight is among the easiest and most affordable options for bringing extra light into the home, and yet they they’re still often overlooked.

With that being the case, we thought that this week we’d make an argument in justification of the skylight; extolling its virtues in the hope that the general homeowner might start to see the light about these windows on the sky.

The Benefits of Installing a Skylight
  • Ambience & Aesthetics – Natural light will always look and feel better than synthetic. With daylight streaming into a room, it will look and feel its very best.
  • Functionality – A small skylight will increase the flow of natural light into a room by up to 30% without inhibiting storage space or reducing functionality, as all of the walls remain free. Light will pour in from above, but you can still place your furniture wherever you wish, without blocking the light.
  • Flexibility – There are more styles of skylight than you might expect – flat, peaked, lantern, sealed – this gives real flexibility and means that there is a skylight for almost any situation. What surprises many people is that you can even install skylights on listed buildings (as long as you know and follow the regulations), making them an incredibly useful way of increasing the light in dark spaces, where other options may not be permitted.
  • Physiology – As more and more of us spend longer days at work in buildings with only a limited influx of natural light, an increasing number of Brits are suffering from Vitamin D Deficiency, which is generally caused by a lack of sunlight. This can lead to problems with bones, digestive system, skin, nails and hair. It has also been linked to increased risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune problems. Increasing the light levels within your home or office is a good way to counter this.
  • Psychology – A lack of daylight is also linked to depression, sleep disorders, mood swings and poor concentration levels.
  • Cost Efficiency – Rooms with skylights require fewer artificial lights. This brings electricity costs down, and surprisingly can reduce your heating bills as the natural average temperature of your home will increase with these small pockets of warm natural light.
  • Tranquillity – Skylights are an unobtrusive way of bringing the outdoors in, connecting a home’s occupants with nature and aiding relaxation.
  • Ease – Skylights are one of the easiest ways of inviting natural light into the home. Installation is quick – it can usually be completed within one day – and fuss free.
These are just a few of the benefits that a skylight can bring to your home. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of installation in your home, please call our design team: 0800 328 0033.
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