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Published on 3rd June 2015
For many people, retirement is the great white hope of the future. It’s that shiny beacon on the horizon that makes the nine to five grind somewhere approaching tolerable. You work and save, and save and work, and then suddenly you’re there. Free time is wonderful… Until you have too much of it! What do you plan to do when you retire?

You could buy that campervan and travel Europe… But who would water your pot plants and feed the cat?

You could hire a boat and sail the seven seas…  If you knew how to do it and choppy water didn’t make you nauseous.

Or you could sit at home, annoy your spouse, and find yourself thinking that actually, work wasn’t all that bad, all things considered.

At Apropos, we think that the trick of a successful retirement is to have a project… And there are few more engaging projects than a home renovation.

Renovation takes many forms, incurs various costs and can bring a huge variety of benefits. At Apropos, one of our preferred forms for the retired couple is the conservatory. We’ll tell you why.

Firstly, conservatries are the ideal addition for the retiree because if you work with a reputable company, like Apropos, you will be given a firm pricing plan before any contracts exchange hands, meaning that you can keep control of your budget without risk of nasty surprises.

Secondly, an Apropos conservatory can serve a large number of functions, bringing an additional serviceable room to a house, so you needn’t get under each other’s feet. Being filled with light, a conservatory makes a fabulous work room, for sewing, painting, crafting, and certain types of gardening, so once the structure is complete you’ll have another project to focus on.

Thirdly, the additional light that enters a home through a new conservatory can change the entire aspect and atmosphere of a property, which is one of the reasons that conservatories add so much value to a house – a well-made conservatory can add up to 10% to your home’s worth, which could be hugely beneficial should you wish to downsize later in your retirement. Before all that of course, you have the excitement of actually designing, planning and building the thing!

Because all Apropos conservatories are bespoke, you can really enjoy yourself with the planning; dreaming up your perfect space with your partner; selecting a look, feel, shape and colour scheme that will suit you and your home; then leaving our designers to figure out the practicalities! After that, you get to dress it; you can have fun finding furniture to suit the new aesthetic; experiment with new styles on your completely blank canvas.

Giving you something to do, somewhere to do it in and a means of investment, an Apropos conservatory could be the perfect project to launch your retirement with style.

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