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Published on 19th June 2015
During the course of the last decade open plan living has been growing in popularity, to the point where one in five British homeowners have removed a dividing wall within their home to let the light flood in.

If you’re one of the remaining four, you needn’t be left behind – going open plan is easier than you might think, especially when working with Apropos.

There are three main objectives in open plan design: integration of family activities; increased light; and the reduction of ‘dead space’ in the home.

There are also three main problems: the loss of supporting walls; the travelling of noise and smells; and tidiness.

While we can’t really help you with the housekeeping (although we do strongly recommend secret storage!), Apropos can help you to achieve those three main goals, and overcome the first two problems.

All Apropos structures are created using aluminium frames. As aluminium is one of the strongest building materials around, as well as being infinitely durable and adaptable, this means, that should your dream design require the removal of an entire supporting wall – internally or externally – an Apropos aluminium frame could take the strain.

How does this help with open plan? Well, an Apropos conservatory can make a stunning kitchen-dinner, when the outer wall of your kitchen is removed, allowing the new space to flow into the old. Alternatively, if you’re wishing to open up your existing rooms, Apropos bi-fold doors can replace solid brick walls, allowing light to penetrate and creating an airy open space while giving you the option to retain your partition when things get too noisy, or you need extra privacy.

The open plan life style isn’t for everyone, but it can have a hugely positive impact upon family life. If you’re all brought together in one open space, even if you’re all doing different activities within that space, interaction increases.

Open plan design can also lead to a healthier home environment; increasing exposure to natural light and the vitamin D it brings; preventing the formation of certain moulds; improving mood and concentration.

We’re used, these days, to living in ‘little boxes’; everything is compartmentalised and closed safely away. We have one room for dining; one room for cooking; another for ‘living’, as if cooking and eating didn’t come under that category somehow! While this might bring a little order to our lives, it does make for a rather dark and dreary home. With an Apropos glazed extension – or internal renovation – you could break free from the little boxes that govern your existence, and experience life open plan.

So why not invite us round for a bru? One of our experienced design consultants will be more than happy to help you and your home open up! 
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